Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duck race, anyone?

This morning Jeff and I enjoyed coffee while watching Blue Bloods, followed by Fairly Legal. We thought it was time for me to get out of the house.
The weather is absolutely glorious-- too lovely to stay indoors. So, for my first big shopping foray Jeff and I thought today is the day. We drove up to Martell this morning where Jeff did some shoe shopping, while I browsed at clothing. We dashed into K-Mart where they were having a special on hotdogs .88 cents a pack, picked up other miscellaneous food items on sale. Then we tooled over to the Dollar Tree where we picked up other food items and household cleaning supplies. WE little frugalnistas loaded up our cart and had a wonderful time searching out items.
I left my walker at home, still having not used it... but I realized that the problem with my last neighborhood walking endeavor was twofold. A. Walking up an incline. B. Not listening to the tendon that was yelling at me in my left leg, near my kneecap.
SO, today I kept it to flat terrain, for the most part. I walked slow but steady. My knees don't hurt- no more bone grinding pre-surgery pain, just a nagging tendon, that I am now listening to better than I was... babying it along.
After our shopping adventure we were hungry and headed over to Sutter Creek, where the town was hopping, the annual last Saturday in April Duck Races were well underway. This meant we had to park 4 long blocks away from Susan's Place. The streets were lined with out of town tourist traffic. A lot of pedestrian foot traffic. The park that runs parellel with Sutter Creek was rockin' with people, rubber ducks, announcers- a good DJ and the smell of hickory smoked BBQ filled the air-  love the smell of barbecue! Especially, on a wonderful warm spring day filled with sunshine and blue skies.
At Susan's we were seated immediately in the outdoor patio section. Jeff ordered their chicken lemon dumpling soup with a bacon, chicken, avocado wrap and coffee. They brought a petite French press with fresh cream to the table for him-- so cute, I'd like to have a 2-cup french press like that (mine is larger, which isn't always good for 1 person). I went with a grilled salmon/coleslaw roll with fresh fruit; blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and canaloupe. Lunch was divine! Yum.
We then walked back to the jeep which was parked at the school, passing our fav little vacation rental whose front doors were flung open. Several cars were parked in the drive and in front-- obviously, someone knew to plan ahead for the duck races that were taking place in the creek, behind the cottage.
Made it slowly back to the jeep- walking slowly. It was a morning of good exercise for me and we had SO much fun- a nice little adventure.
Arrived home; placed items away, which I haven't been able to do-- and that felt good. Then I thought a hot shower was exactly the ticket as my tendon was letting me know it needed attention. Jeff and I opened up the master bedroom windows, turned the fan on and fell asleep, it's going to be a bummer when I can't indulge myself with afternoon naps (and this from a girl who doesn't do afternoon naps, I might have to change this on the weekends after going back to work).
I brought out a heating pad and placed it beneath my tendon- so it wouldn't be too stiff when I woke and drifted off to sleep. Jeff and I woke refreshed. O, and did I mention I ordered cheese cake to go when we left Susan's? It's going to be dessert later- a good reinforcer for exercising today..
A soft late afternoon breeze is coming in through the windows while I sip a lemon lime softdrink. Saturdays, gotta love them!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random thoughts...

A very Bay area vibe to this Wednesday morning; cool morning temps, overcast skies, intermittent sprinkles.  My lavender lilac tree is in full bloom... I love the scent of lilacs.

I took these pics last night. My purple iris's are also in bloom. I guess spring is officially here according to my garden. I've seemed to have missed most of it...
I've been busy reading through the weekend up until now. Over the weekend I read Christopher Anderson's Barack & Michelle, a portrait of an American marriage.

 I am just finishing a book I've previously read... Reflections, Life after the White House, by Barbara Bush.

I should be starting another book sometime today- Just haven't decided which one as of yet.
Jeff is busy cartooning, while I've managed to sip coffee and surf facebook
We did catch the premiere of HBO's VEEP the other night:

I also recorded some of my fav shows  to our DVR and have watched them during the week: The Good Wife, Scandal, The Pioneer Woman (who made a terrific looking fig/prochutto/arugula pizza), Fairly Legal. All fun shows to watch.
Well, I am off in search of a book to read-- I'm leaning towards Living History (Hilary Clinton) though that might change during my book search...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday bliss

A beautiful spring-like Saturday morning. Blue skies, clear sunshine, temps climbing into the 60's at this early morning hour predicts a balmy afternoon ahead-- the tree tops are filled with birdsong, in addition to the crawing of crows flying overhead from telephone post to telephone post and, the gobbling of neighborhood turkeys, who are slowly strutting their way down our street. It's a varitable jungle out there...

                                                            tree tops soaking up the rays

                                                                       Bear Mountain 

The neighbors are already out with their weedeaters. Jeff is going to be pulling more weeds from our front walkway flower border. First he'll be rinsing off the adirondack porch chairs so I can be out soaking up some rays myself. Perhaps, read or surf the net while he is doing that... Whatever you are doing today, enjoy... it's going to be glorious!

                                                                feelin' good, Pussycat Dolls

Friday, April 20, 2012

A new conversaton re: total knee replacements

A new path, an unset compass, a vague set of directions and determination would somewhat describe what is needed when you set out on this journey of post bilateral (total knee replacement) surgery.
Yet very little is available on the Net when you research this topic. Oh, there are several in-depth conversations about the actual details of the surgery (TKA). There are a few personal stories shared, but not very many, and none that would apply to me that I could find beneficial.
These stories have been brought forth by older patients; patients that are much more senior than I, so making the connection between them and myself been somewhat blurry. I couldn't totally relate. If you're 55 and I am a young 55 (on so many levels), reading about rehabilitation facilities that patients move into post surgery is somewhat dismal, to say the least...
What I have discovered walking down this path (Oh so slowly) is that total knee replacement surgery is much like pregnancy. Universal while an individual experience at the same time, no one is going to have the same exact experience and yet the experience is pretty much the same for everyone, to one degree or another.
So, I thought I would open a conversation about this experience that may (I hope) proves somewhat enlightening as there is nothing to gage what you are going through when you are going through this. 
Yesterday, I went in for my second post op visit to my surgeon's office. X-rays show that everything is falling into place as it should, the replacements are exactly where they need to be. The x-ray technician, a lovely woman, confided to me that she couldn't believe how great I am doing at 4 weeks post op. My surgeon concurred, I guess, I am way ahead of the curve as to where you are supposed to be at this stage of the game. But, where is that I wonder... as no one really tells you.
They will tell you that most patients are not walking unassisted yet. I am and have been for 2 weeks now. Some patients are not walking unassisted until 3 months post op, it varies. 
As we were leaving my surgeon told Jeff that I was special because no one is where I am this early, I'm not ordinary. But, what is ordinary? No one really says.
 I am walking unassisted simply because no one has told me I couldn't. Has it been easy? No. It's painful and a challenge each time I take a step and place a foot down, but it is getting easier. What does it feel like? It feels like that on each knee, above the knee cap and below the knee cap, that there are like 2 tightly bound tourniquets on each leg that are being pulled. Painful? No, but stiff and definitely different. You're very much aware of this sensation as you walk. This is a passing phase, but again, no one mentions this. It's very common at 4 weeks to experience this, who knew?
So lets talk about a few things that I think are important. Choosing your surgeon is at the top of this list and my advice is to research, research and more research. This usually begins with your personal physician recommending you to a surgeon. Or, a lists of surgeons. Do your homework, research, talk with patients of this surgeon, you can also read online what other patients of this surgeon have to say about their experience, their likes and dislikes. Make an appointment and interview the surgeon to determine if they are the right fit for you.
After my initial interview meeting with my surgeon I knew he was the one for me. He is VERY conservative. He was not about to rush into any surgery procedures, Nor was I ready at that point to accept any approaches to immediate surgery, even though, I knew ultimately that is where I was headed.
We started with me losing weight, I ended up losing 17 lbs. pre-surgery. Post surgery I've lost an additional 10 lbs., if not more, do to pain meds making me ill, there are some things you won't discover until you're faced with them, I hadn't thought about this even happening.
Another important choice is your choice of an anesthesiologist. Originally, I had a woman anesthesiologist appointed for me... after speaking with her I knew she was not the one for me. I went with another anesthesiologist on my surgeon's team- I am not sorry for this choice. He was fabulous and walked me through everything step by step.
The day after surgery, a physical therapy team moves in to assist you. They give you exercises to practice in bed, walk with you down the corridors during your therapy sessions. I will tell you from the 2nd day post op through the 3rd week when you are home- it is absolutely brutal. Upon arriving home you will be appointed home health care and a visiting physical therapy team who will work you to and through the pain. This process will take every ounce of determination and will power to get through not only day to day, but moment to moment. Then one day, you're back, the pain has receeded and you think... that wasn't so bad (IT was), but like childbirth, you forget. And, that's a good thing.
The most important choice you make is having someone at home with you to assist you. In this case, my husband Jeffrey, has stepped up to the plate. I couldn't have made it through any part of this journey without him. He has been my beck n call boy extraordinare. He has cooked fabulous meals, made me laugh, when I've just wanted to pack it in and have a mini-melt down, cheered me on and continues to encourage me every step of the way. My children have been wonderful, calling to check in, dropping by, bringing care packages, get well drawings and cards from my grandchildren. My friends have been so important to my recovery period and I so appreciate each and everyone... thank God for facebook and real time conversations...

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend moments

Don't we all love the weekend? Even though my days temporarily blur into one another until June, when I return to work, Saturdays are still magical. I woke at 3something this morning and could not linger in bed another moment physically (my mind was at odds with this signal from my brain). I got up, Jeff was in the process of getting up. While he put coffee on, I browsed through the latest edition of Crate & Barrel and Architectural Digest, gathering design ideas. I think, it was this return to design that let Jeff know I am on the road back to recovery and he has a few months left before I engage his assistance.
While waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, Atticus woke and demanded a bottle, which he sucked down like it was the last bottle he would ever see today. Going on 2 weeks old he is growing, getting stronger and today, purred for the first time. He is really very adorable. He looks like a teacup toffee colored version of an African lion-- which I am sure how he envisions himself to be, even at this tender age...

                                                                     How I see Atticus

                                                                    How Atticus see's himself

Today, I plan to finish up 5 albums that I have been working on Shutterfly-- excited about that, finishing a fun project that has kept me busy over the last couple of months, keeping me engaged and my mind off of surgery and recovery.
I would like to read, but haven't been able to stay focused for long stretches of time, we'll see how that goes today.
Plus, I have shows recorded on our DVR to watch: Blue Bloods, Fairly Legal, Magic City, Pioneer Woman, to name but a few... beyond that, I am not sure at the moment.
I plan to do minimal exercising today, when I overdue, my R knee lets me know, which it did yesterday, last night and was the reason I was up so early this AM. Every morning of recovery is a new challenge and adventure. I am walking about the house without crutches at all for support, which is a good thing. Physical therapy at the hospital begins in a couple of weeks. I'm on target... so far, so good.

                                                                The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Lion King

Thursday, April 12, 2012

A rainy day, a good book and family photos

                                                                        Black Coffee, kd lang

A rainy Thursday morning. The storm is expected to continue until this weekend-- a good thing I don't have any plans to go anywhere this week.
Baby Atticus escaped 3 times during the night. Mind you he fits inside the palm of my hand and is almost a week ago, but a very active 1-week old kitten is he... He has a very comfy box lined with bedding that is inside a very large kennel. The prob is the box had to handle holes for carrying holds at the bottom while the kennel is wire tubing- Master Atticus is so small he effortlessy slips right through and could roam where he wanted-- notice the term is past tense?
He is so funny because even though he was on the move, once he was out of his kitten box he was completely out of his comfort zone and would bellow out (he has a VERY loud meow for such a small person. I'M OUT, I'M OUT... PUT ME BACK, PUT ME BACK! seemed to be he plea, to which I willingly obliged. Then he would crawl onto his heating pad/linens and fall instantly back to sleep. Wild boy.

                                                                                Atticus Finch

So, while Atticus is back on his morning schedule of sleeping and eating I am somewhat dragging behind, a bit...  after another cup of coffee I should be fine.
Today, I'll be working on my family albums via Shutterfly-- love them! I have tons of family photo albums, but having grandchildren about, makes learning about their family so much more fun when it's in book form. and within easy reach. 
Later today, Jeff is hauling out of the master bedroom a french-styled, cabriolet legged bookcase that will go into the foyer/hallway entry to be accessible for our grandchildren when they visit and want to learn about our family history and remember family gatherings, etc.
I also plan on reading a new book I received from Amazon entitled Mary's Mosaic, The CIA conspiracy to murder JFK, Mary Pinchot Meyer, and their vision for world peace.
An unsolved murder mysery that I have long been fascinated by... here's what the front and back covers say about the story:
Who really murdered Mary Pinchot Meyer in the fall of 1964? Why was there a mad rush by CIA counterintelligence chief James Angleton to immediately locate and confiscate her diary? What in that diary was so explosive and revealing?
Had Mary Meyer finally put together the intricate pieces of a bewildering, conspiratorial mosaic of information that revealed a plan to assassinate her lover, President Kennedy, with the trail ultimately ending at the doorstep of the Central intelligence Agency? And was it mere coincidence that Mary Meyer was killed less than three weeks after the release of the Warren Commission report?
Based on years of painstaking research and interviews, much of it revealed here for the first time, author Peter Janey traces some of the most important e vents and influences in the life of Mary Pinchot Meyer-- including her first meeting with JFK at the Choate School during the winter of 1936, her explorations with psychedelic drugs, and finally how she supported her secret lover, the president of the United States, as he turned away from the Cold War toward the pursuit of world peace. As we approach the fiftieth anniversary of President Kennedy's assassination--and Mary Meyer's-- this volume adds to our understanding of both.
The author knew the Meyer family intimately, as his own father was career CIA and close friends with Richard helms, James Angleton, and Mary's husband, Cord Meyer. Haunted by Mary Meyer's murder for more than forty-five years, Janney has finally answered the questions surrounding it, and in doing so, he has perhaps solved Washington's most famous unsolved murder. As the author's journey reveals a conspiracy reaching up to the highest levels of our government, the final truth of what really happened to Mary hits shockingly close to home.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring break, a wayward hamster and a broomstick

                                               Zach & Emma standing in the kitchen on Easter Sunday.

Last week I posted a blog about Goldilocks the guinea pig, a class mascot of my daughter Tara's 4th grade class that came home to spend her last days with us over summer break many years ago...
This is a good place to pick up the story, while creating a new chapter, as to why our family should not have summer vacation or spring break animals visit us...ever.
We do great with our day to day family pets, I think it's just migrating, visiting animals that don't fare well, although, I am not sure of the logic of that, either.
Anyway, picking up our current theme, let me rewind for you... Zach brought home Lily the classroom's traveling hampster mascot for this Spring break. Lily has made several attempts of escape while visiting the homes of students who attend her classroom. This spring break was no different. Obviously, Lily has an established modus operandi of vanishing, usually when the children have her out of her home and are attempting to engage her in activities of which she has no interest... like playing. 
She was doing just fine until Friday. Dave had left to join Sammy in Salmon fishing at Bodega Bay which left Erin, Zach and Emma to entertain Lily. Apparently, Lily soon became bored and disappeared from her hampster mansion. The door remained closed, no visible  signs of forced entry. No hamster body parts were to be found-- a good sign, as Kristopherson, their orange tabby, was the initial suspect, even though he to our knowledge prefers a non-hampster diet, it was questionable.
Phoenix, the lab, who barks from the deck whenever a squirrel is on the move, didn't utter one puppy sound to alert the fam that all was not well at the hampster mansion.
Throughout the Easter weekend, my daughter Aims would get updates from Erin and pass them on to me. We would think strategy and offer ideas as to where Lily could possibly be hiding, all to no avail... Lily was out of sight and lying low.
Easter Sunday, Jeff and I drove over to watch Emma & Zach hunt for easter eggs. At lunch we inquired about Lily. still no sign of her. Emma was getting worried as she had to go back to school and would have to tell the teacher that Lilly was missing. Erin was beside herself, how could this happen? she asked. How do you bring a hampster home and it disappears? Although, we did hear something during the night, but couldn't figure out where it was coming from, she added.
Erin knowing the hampster was somewhere, but not knowing where exactly, had been up searching for Lily late into the night. Just knowing that the hampster was out was just wigging-her out a bit. Sounds, making her itch, setting her on edge. Which all played into the hands of Emma and Zach perfectly who have inherited their father's wicked sense of humor. They would call out to her during the day and then throw a life-like sized spider at her, which would send Erin screaming out of the room while Zach and Emma collapsed into heaps of laughter. They look like nice children, but really... not so much, sometimes. Poor Erin somehow managed to survive, unlike the plastic spider, who was relegated to the kitchen trash and was off onto another adventure...
Aims called last night with the latest Lilly sighting. It seems that Erin and Emma were in the kitchen when they heard sounds coming from beneath the kitchen cabinet under the sink. They both went to inspect, and there was Lilly, oblivious to all of the commotion she had created. Emma picked her up, somehow, Erin hadn't seen her do this and then all of a sudden the hampster was in her face, scaring Erin, which made her scream, which made Emma scream and then Emma's flight reaction took place, she flung Lily out of her hand instinctively... they watched horrified as Lily went sailing through the air and landed with a thud on the kitchen linoleum, on her back with her four feet up in the air. Erin and Emma went screaming out the sliding back glass patio door. Erin yelling out to Dave that Lily was dead and lying on the kitchen floor.
Dave had been in another room and came running out, thinking something had happened to Zach. Erin repeated that Lily was dead and lying on the kitchen floor. Except... there was nothing on the kitchen floor. Erin said, but she was lying there. Emma said, no, she was moving when I picked her up, she wasn't dead.
The search for Lily began anew. I think it was then that they realized that Lily, in all of the excitement had scurried under the kitchen stove... there was no way to reach her, except by with a kitchen broom handle.
All of the hubub had piqued Zach's interest, especially, now with Lily so close. David tried and tried and then with one last push... the broom handle hit Zach's hand, which flung the cookie he held out of it and it went rolling onto the kitchen floor... with Lily in hot pursuit, of food like substance, she was caught at last, and placed securely back into her hampster mansion, ready to return to school on the assigned day she was due back.
Erin turned to Emma and said, You see why we can't have animals on Spring break?
Emma who had endured more adventure than even she had wished for over the holiday, sagely nodded and simply replied, Yes.

                                                                 for Lily:
                                                                        I get around, Beach Boys.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

                                                                  Harvey, Jimmy Stewart

Jeff & I had a great time at Dave and Erin's this AM. We watched the kids hunt for Easter eggs and enjoyed a lovely lunch and were able to catch up with one another. And, we took pics...

Emma & Zach had a blast hunting for eggs. Before Leaving Dave gave us some of the fresh salmon that Sam caught yesterday in Bodega Bay-- looks like Easter dinner is poached salmon with rice pilaf.
I am absolutely wore out from our holiday adventure, but had a blast while it lasted. Time to hunker down in the master bedroom and watch one of my fav movies Something To Talk About...

Happy Easter!

                                            Easter, 1967 w/ gram and aunt Bette on the way to church.

Hallelujah, KD Lang.

Jesus arose and conquered death;
He robbed it of its fear and power;
                     And one day he'll return to the earth,                   
                  Though we know not the day or the hour   -DJD

God... has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
1 Peter 1:3

It's a beautiful Easter morning here in the Mother Lode; temps in the low 60's, blue skies, clear sunshine. Jeff and I have already engaged in our coffee/conversation portion of the morning and are settling into our AM routines. Jeff is working on animated cartooning while I blog.
The indoor gang are getting caught up in their cat naps (pun intended). Later on, we'll be picking up a box of assorted donuts and heading over to Dave & Erin's Sonora home.
Jeff and I have both finished reading Stephen King's 11/22/63 and Erin is eagerly awaiting her turn, so we'll be taking that book to drop off as well. Dave is back from salmon fishing with Sammy at Bodega Bay- should have some good stories to share. Although, not as good as Erin's. Yesterday, while Erin was talking with Aims on the phone Emma interrupted with an important message, Lily the hamster had sprung her cell and was nowhere to be found. Her cage door was closed. Kristopherson, the cat had been in the house... still, not pointing paws at the mouser extradinare, it's not looking good for him.. Spring break hamster, gone wild.
I told Jeff that we could perhaps lend them Atticus, our newborn toffee colored kitten as he looks like a hamster and by the time the teacher and students realized the exhange it would be another holiday... like summer vacation. Jeff liked the idea although he said it wasn't quite the same as turning wine into water, it was close.
While at Dave & Erin's I plan on taking some pics for our 2012 family album. If you haven't discovered Shutterfly yet, go to their website-- they have the coolest online virtual scrapbooking site. Love, love. love them.! Their finished products are of the highest quality, no matter the size chosen. Tres cool...
Beyond the above, I haven't given much thought as to what is on our agenda today. Or, a thought to our dinner menu and I am usually pretty much on top of holiday planning.
Whatever you are doing today make it memorable... Happy Easter!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A 1908 Surry, ice cream and a girl on the run...

Another dad story.... can't be helped. So, back in the early 70's what type of cars did my friends receive from their parents? All the hot cars of that day that's what. Some their parents gave for getting their licence, others brother's handed over... all Very cool. Mostly, though if we wanted to go anywhere we would get our posse rounded up and drive our parents cars and cruise the boulevards. Linda and I were two of these, our cars were Cadillacs; Coup de Villes. Not very hot, but had a boatload of room for girls to do whatever it is that teenage girls do on Friday or Saturday nights (Santa Cruz, Los Gatos comes to mind). We would rotate weekends. Which was really handy as my dad was a safety dad. No one in particular souped up hot rod for his only daughter who might injure herself, what better than a 1908 Surrey? Yes, you heard me. I was the only girl Santa Clara who would tool around town in one of these. Not very far, as the tires would tend to go flat or pop. A good way to keep your teenager on a leash while appearing to support independence.
My dad was terrific, however, the one fault he had was TIME... he was so busy having a wonderful time doing his thing that everyone else's time got away from him.
Hours would pass, days would turn into evenings, evenings into weeks... Seriously. When dad said Tueday, I would always clarify which Tuesday of the month and what time... was that AM or PM and even those questions were irrelevent. Time meant nothing. Taylor, Monroe move aside you were mere rookies when it came to to delays and having people wait.
On one such summer afternoon with Santa Clara temps soaring into the triple digits which was a rarity, I found myself waiting for Dad and his friend Motts, we were going to go out for an ice cream. It was now late afternoon, I was beyond wilted and tired of waiting. Gram took pity on me and told me to drive over and pick up an ice cream- just be careful.
Of course, the moment I left and was out of sight Dad and Motts arrived (5 hours late). At the market I picked up a box of peanut clustered ice cream drum sticks to share when I got home. It was when I was nearing the house, turning the corner, when our driveway came into view and parked promently in front of our house was Dad's cadillac. It didn't take more than a second to see that my dad was furious, and he was never furious. Motts on the other hand, looked at me, said something to dad- they were standing in front of the garage and then his face became vastly amused. Something was up.
I pulled into the driveway and parked the Surrey inside the garage. Handing the box of drumsticks to  Dad I finished locking up the garage.
Where were you? Dad asked. I told him the truth that I had been waiting and I was beyond wilted and gram said I could go as long as I was careful. Dad appeared to give this grave attention then said, don't do this again! Motts and I looked at one another trying to figure out what that meant exactly. Dad said they would be going back to work-- it was now 6pm in the evening.
Motts told me years later that dad was only worried that something might have happened to me. He told Motts he was going to give it to me straight. Motts evidently didn't believe this and told dad that he would be waiting breathlessly to see how he handled this. Motts said, then you arrived with your jean shorts, barefeet, hair in pig-tails, carrying a box of drumsticks and dad said, Ah s**t! I can't do it.
Motts told him as they were walking to the cadillac, Boy... Swannie, that was one talking to I bet she never forgets! Dad suggested that Motts eat his ice cream, adding that it tasted good. Yeah, it does, Motts agreed.

                                                          Carol & Mike in the Surrey

                                               Me, Dad getting in the Surrey, Al & Gerri

Gerri & Al in the Surrey

Surrey w/ the fringe on top

Family photos... over the years

Aunt Bette (green), sister-in-law Dorthea (plaide), longtime neighbor Sally, mother of my childhood girlfriend Vicki. Her husband Stan was an architect. They lived behind the Canal Street house.
                                                      Aunt Bette (green) with uncle Beau, aunt Dot and Sally.
                                       Aunt Nelda, uncle Art's sister, cousin Flossie Beaber, Dad, and part of Rob's head.
Dad (navy), uncle Ted, cousin Ethel, Al, Inez, Bobbie (long skirt). Flossie and Joanne Hebert (Dell's first wife, mother of childhood girlfriend Debbie.
                             Aunt Better (vest sweater) w/ Joanne shortly before Joanne's death.
                                                         Gram's 91st birthday celebration.
                                                                uncle Art driving Rosebud.
                                                                  Gram Swan w/ Inez.
                                                                  Inez w/ aunt Hazel.
                                                             Gram Swan w/ uncle Ted.
                                               Two of my fav people; aunt Hazel w/ dad.
                                           Uncle Art, Dad w/ gram at my first wedding, 1977.
                                         Dad, Bette, Caren Mottz, Bea & Gram--- all gone now.
                                                           part of me, Bette, Al, Motts & Dad.
                                                                           Bea, Dad and I.
                                                                         Dad and I
                                                                       Me, Dad and Bea
                                              Cocktail/newspaper time w/ Bette in Redding.

                                                                  Me & Bette at Hat Creek.
              great aunt Freda, cousin Shirley, Gram, Shirley's daughter Wendy, Me, cousin John.

                       Gram, cousin Flossie & Bud, Dad, cousins Loretta & Maureen, Me & Pamper.

                                                  Gram, Flossie & Bud, Dad and uncle Art.
                  Gram's heels, cousins Red & Flossie, Dad, Bud, Art with pets Niko & pamper.
                                                           Gram, aunt Freda, Art and me.

                        Aunt Bette, Dad, uncle Paul, Peaches sleeping under Bette with Pamper by Paul.
                                           Sunday afternoon malaise w/ Dad, Paul & Bette.
Uncle Ted, Bette, Gram & Dad' at Ted & Carols' wedding reception, Burney, CA.

                                               Me holding pamper at aunt Dot's Colfax estate.
                                Colefax Christmas: Uncle Art's mom Ollie, Gram, Bette, Dad & I.
                                      Christmas Breakfast: Aunt Dot, Ollie, Dad, Bette, me & Gram.
Christas Eve Colefax: Gram, Ollie, Me and dad's stockinged feet- how I always remember him in the evening, socks, feet propped up on an ottman watching TV.
                                      Mother's Day in Colfax; Bette, me, Dad, Gram and Ollie.

                                               Mother's Day brunch; Gram, Olli and Bette.
                                       Thanksgiving at Colefax; Gram, Ollie, Me, Dad and Bette.

                 Thanksgiving many years later in Colefax in Ollies guest house; Bette and aunt Dot.
                                                                Uncle Beau & Art, Dot.
                                                Christmas Colefax many years later; Bette.
           Thanksgiving at Gram's; Ollie, Gram & Bette. I have Gram's 1909 Currier & Ives china.
                                                       uncle Paul, Dad, Ollie & Gram
                                                                 uncle Paul, Ollie and Dad
                                                        uncle Paul, Dad, Ollie & Gram.
                                                           Gram & Bette in the kitchen.

                                                         We are family, Sister Sledge.