Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

                                            Easter, 1967 w/ gram and aunt Bette on the way to church.

Hallelujah, KD Lang.

Jesus arose and conquered death;
He robbed it of its fear and power;
                     And one day he'll return to the earth,                   
                  Though we know not the day or the hour   -DJD

God... has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.
1 Peter 1:3

It's a beautiful Easter morning here in the Mother Lode; temps in the low 60's, blue skies, clear sunshine. Jeff and I have already engaged in our coffee/conversation portion of the morning and are settling into our AM routines. Jeff is working on animated cartooning while I blog.
The indoor gang are getting caught up in their cat naps (pun intended). Later on, we'll be picking up a box of assorted donuts and heading over to Dave & Erin's Sonora home.
Jeff and I have both finished reading Stephen King's 11/22/63 and Erin is eagerly awaiting her turn, so we'll be taking that book to drop off as well. Dave is back from salmon fishing with Sammy at Bodega Bay- should have some good stories to share. Although, not as good as Erin's. Yesterday, while Erin was talking with Aims on the phone Emma interrupted with an important message, Lily the hamster had sprung her cell and was nowhere to be found. Her cage door was closed. Kristopherson, the cat had been in the house... still, not pointing paws at the mouser extradinare, it's not looking good for him.. Spring break hamster, gone wild.
I told Jeff that we could perhaps lend them Atticus, our newborn toffee colored kitten as he looks like a hamster and by the time the teacher and students realized the exhange it would be another holiday... like summer vacation. Jeff liked the idea although he said it wasn't quite the same as turning wine into water, it was close.
While at Dave & Erin's I plan on taking some pics for our 2012 family album. If you haven't discovered Shutterfly yet, go to their website-- they have the coolest online virtual scrapbooking site. Love, love. love them.! Their finished products are of the highest quality, no matter the size chosen. Tres cool...
Beyond the above, I haven't given much thought as to what is on our agenda today. Or, a thought to our dinner menu and I am usually pretty much on top of holiday planning.
Whatever you are doing today make it memorable... Happy Easter!


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