Friday, November 23, 2012

it's all good...


Yeah... the above photo... I'm so not there... and I'm okay with that. I did dash into town to
pick up miscellaneous house cleaning products and stock up on cat food. My neighborhood is alive w/ neighbors out walking w/ their pets. I must have passed half a dozen or so on both sides of the road, we don't have sidewalks... the boys are back out playing football. Some of the neighbor's are bringing out their Christmas decorations, one has hung garland w/ beach ball sized ornaments on their white picket fence.

The sun is glorious, temps in the mid-60's, cool breeze and everywhere you look is decked out it bright autumn colors; reds, golds, sage and olive greens-- all backlit by the sun.

I cleared off one of the bookcases flanking the living room fireplace, boxed them and moved them aside as best I could w/out Jeff's assistance. The indoor gang is napping on the over-sized bowler bay window sill. Christmas songs playing in the background. The beans are almost finished while I snack on leftover creamy ranch dressing/Ruffle potato chips while sipping Sierra Mist w/ a splash of cranberry soda pop... merrily blogging away. 

I love the holiday solitude-- I don't know if this stems from being an only child or Swedish, or both. Gram and aunt Bette fiercely guarded their privacy and I find myself following along. You know, nordic island people, long dark winters... I find contentment in these moments, must be a genetic thing.

I began reading Killing Lincoln late last evening after dinner and after watching The Godfather. We then watched a documentary about RFK and Alabama segregation.

Think I'll pick up where I left off in the Lincoln book and read until Jeff gets home, it's an early afternoon home for him.

                                                     Funny Farm, fishing scene w/ Chevy Chase


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