Sunday, November 4, 2012

sunday morning goings on

                                                                         When Harry Met Sally

                                                    Have you remembered to set back your clocks?

It was so great to wake up and wander into the living room to our coffee station and say to Jeff who was sipping his morning coffee, I didn't sleep in too long it's only 7:34 AM-- to which Jeff replied, No, it's 6:34 AM. Music to my ears, I never seem to have enough hours in a day anymore. It's funny, when the kids were small and I was torn in a dozen different directions at any given moment, I thought to myself, someday when they're grown and on their own I will have time... and yet... not so much. Life is as busy as ever, if not more so. Who knew?

It's an absolutely glorious autumn Sunday morning; leaves of red, gold and muted greens are appearing everywhere. The late morning sun is casting long shadows onto the patio terrace. The temps are checking in and holding in the mid 50's range. Blue skies and sunshine.

We've been busy in the kitchen. I made a BIG pot of beans while Jeff and his kitchen-aid mixer have created French bread dough (to go with the beans for dinner this evening). The bread is rising, the beans are simmering on the stovetop. I sliced strawberries and covered them with brown sugar to go on top of double vanilla ice cream  to then be drizzled with chocolate sauce for tonight's dessert.

The kids are busy; Aims & Sam selected their photo's for their Save the Date reminder to be sent out later to fam and friends. They're on their way over to Dave and Erin's where Aims is going to make sushi as her pre-brithday gift to Dave. I still haven't tackled last month's Vanity Fair and just picked up this month's copy. That should take up some of my afternoon. Jeff is re-reading The Twelve Caesars... he's only on Augustus... he has a ways to go...  Later on towards evening we're going to hunker down and catch up on Scandal, I think we have 2 episodes to watch. Beyond that, anything is possible....

                                                                   Bebel Gilberto, So Nice


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