Saturday, April 7, 2012

Family photos... over the years

Aunt Bette (green), sister-in-law Dorthea (plaide), longtime neighbor Sally, mother of my childhood girlfriend Vicki. Her husband Stan was an architect. They lived behind the Canal Street house.
                                                      Aunt Bette (green) with uncle Beau, aunt Dot and Sally.
                                       Aunt Nelda, uncle Art's sister, cousin Flossie Beaber, Dad, and part of Rob's head.
Dad (navy), uncle Ted, cousin Ethel, Al, Inez, Bobbie (long skirt). Flossie and Joanne Hebert (Dell's first wife, mother of childhood girlfriend Debbie.
                             Aunt Better (vest sweater) w/ Joanne shortly before Joanne's death.
                                                         Gram's 91st birthday celebration.
                                                                uncle Art driving Rosebud.
                                                                  Gram Swan w/ Inez.
                                                                  Inez w/ aunt Hazel.
                                                             Gram Swan w/ uncle Ted.
                                               Two of my fav people; aunt Hazel w/ dad.
                                           Uncle Art, Dad w/ gram at my first wedding, 1977.
                                         Dad, Bette, Caren Mottz, Bea & Gram--- all gone now.
                                                           part of me, Bette, Al, Motts & Dad.
                                                                           Bea, Dad and I.
                                                                         Dad and I
                                                                       Me, Dad and Bea
                                              Cocktail/newspaper time w/ Bette in Redding.

                                                                  Me & Bette at Hat Creek.
              great aunt Freda, cousin Shirley, Gram, Shirley's daughter Wendy, Me, cousin John.

                       Gram, cousin Flossie & Bud, Dad, cousins Loretta & Maureen, Me & Pamper.

                                                  Gram, Flossie & Bud, Dad and uncle Art.
                  Gram's heels, cousins Red & Flossie, Dad, Bud, Art with pets Niko & pamper.
                                                           Gram, aunt Freda, Art and me.

                        Aunt Bette, Dad, uncle Paul, Peaches sleeping under Bette with Pamper by Paul.
                                           Sunday afternoon malaise w/ Dad, Paul & Bette.
Uncle Ted, Bette, Gram & Dad' at Ted & Carols' wedding reception, Burney, CA.

                                               Me holding pamper at aunt Dot's Colfax estate.
                                Colefax Christmas: Uncle Art's mom Ollie, Gram, Bette, Dad & I.
                                      Christmas Breakfast: Aunt Dot, Ollie, Dad, Bette, me & Gram.
Christas Eve Colefax: Gram, Ollie, Me and dad's stockinged feet- how I always remember him in the evening, socks, feet propped up on an ottman watching TV.
                                      Mother's Day in Colfax; Bette, me, Dad, Gram and Ollie.

                                               Mother's Day brunch; Gram, Olli and Bette.
                                       Thanksgiving at Colefax; Gram, Ollie, Me, Dad and Bette.

                 Thanksgiving many years later in Colefax in Ollies guest house; Bette and aunt Dot.
                                                                Uncle Beau & Art, Dot.
                                                Christmas Colefax many years later; Bette.
           Thanksgiving at Gram's; Ollie, Gram & Bette. I have Gram's 1909 Currier & Ives china.
                                                       uncle Paul, Dad, Ollie & Gram
                                                                 uncle Paul, Ollie and Dad
                                                        uncle Paul, Dad, Ollie & Gram.
                                                           Gram & Bette in the kitchen.

                                                         We are family, Sister Sledge.


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