Saturday, April 14, 2012

Weekend moments

Don't we all love the weekend? Even though my days temporarily blur into one another until June, when I return to work, Saturdays are still magical. I woke at 3something this morning and could not linger in bed another moment physically (my mind was at odds with this signal from my brain). I got up, Jeff was in the process of getting up. While he put coffee on, I browsed through the latest edition of Crate & Barrel and Architectural Digest, gathering design ideas. I think, it was this return to design that let Jeff know I am on the road back to recovery and he has a few months left before I engage his assistance.
While waiting for the coffee to finish brewing, Atticus woke and demanded a bottle, which he sucked down like it was the last bottle he would ever see today. Going on 2 weeks old he is growing, getting stronger and today, purred for the first time. He is really very adorable. He looks like a teacup toffee colored version of an African lion-- which I am sure how he envisions himself to be, even at this tender age...

                                                                     How I see Atticus

                                                                    How Atticus see's himself

Today, I plan to finish up 5 albums that I have been working on Shutterfly-- excited about that, finishing a fun project that has kept me busy over the last couple of months, keeping me engaged and my mind off of surgery and recovery.
I would like to read, but haven't been able to stay focused for long stretches of time, we'll see how that goes today.
Plus, I have shows recorded on our DVR to watch: Blue Bloods, Fairly Legal, Magic City, Pioneer Woman, to name but a few... beyond that, I am not sure at the moment.
I plan to do minimal exercising today, when I overdue, my R knee lets me know, which it did yesterday, last night and was the reason I was up so early this AM. Every morning of recovery is a new challenge and adventure. I am walking about the house without crutches at all for support, which is a good thing. Physical therapy at the hospital begins in a couple of weeks. I'm on target... so far, so good.

                                                                The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Lion King


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