Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Walk On The Wild Side con't ...

After leaving Susan's Place we walked down Eureka street (with many pauses along the way)to the summer cottage we vacationed at in early July. You can already see the vestiages of change of late summer. Where in July the mid-afternoon sun was fiercly bright and hot in the newly landscaped yard~ it's now shadowed and somewhat overgrown, but still quaintly charming.

After standing on the bridge for awhile watching and listening to the ebb and flow of the creek we walked back to the car. My spirt had been lifted and we had enjoyed a lovely little afternoon outing.

Back home it was apparent that Anna had also enjoyed her afternoon with a refreshing nap in the master bedroom. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Walk On The Wild Side

Bonbon strategising a method of attack.

Last Sunday found us in a funk over Bonbon's sudden collapse and ER visit/stay at our Vet. Jeff suggested WE get outta the house as I needed to have my spirits lifted. He was treating me to lunch and said he had just the place in mind. WE tooled up to Sutter Creek where we had lunch at one of our fav little restaurants-- Susan's Place. Their covered patio is right next door to Gallery 10, so that you can look through the glass doors at art while you dine and music is filtered overhead through the outdoor intercom. It has a wonderful rustic flare and always reminds me of being in Ben Lomand/Felton near Santa Cruz. Something about the way the light and shadows cut through the patio area create a ghrotto vibe...

We were seated at a table close to the front of the restaurant near the street and dove aviary. Over the music I noticed a couple seated a few tables away, to my left, and back a bit. Jeff sat across from me, facing their direction. The woman was quietly talking while the gentleman she was with seemed agitated.
Looking closer, I noticed he was a somewhat pseudo ivy league wanna be type and noticeably obnoxious to our waitress. He provided me with wry amusement throughout our entire stay at the restaurant.

Upon ordering lunch I decided to go with a special which was fresh aspargus soup paired with a chicken wrap (cherry tomatoes, avocado, arugula. Jeff went with a pulled beef sandwich and a salad (honey/ginger/sesame dressing).

Then the real fun began~ we always have SO much fun together, you really can't take us places. The above mentioned couple had finished their lunch. Our waitress walked over to their table and asked if they would like dessert. The man began a brutal (and unnecessary) tirade.  Jeff who can't hear in restaurant settings was oblivious to what had now captured ALL of our attention. Jeff looked puzzled. I said, Jeff look over there, pointing with 1 finger in hands that were interclasped (I was leaning forward with my elbows on the table towards Jeff) but, don't be obvious. Jeff looks over and asks (describing this man) is that him? Yes. Jeff looks over non-challantly. Then stands and rotates his chair in a 180 turn. (mind you he was facing that table to begin with)
I am watching Jeff in utter confusion. He has now turned his back away from everyone (they're behind me) and is facing Gallery 10 and the bird aviary (sitting sideways). What are you doing? You look like you're in time out! Jeff replies, You told me to look over here.  Then we start to giggle and cannot stop laughing. The kind of laughter where tears are rolling down your face. Other tables are now laughing by watching me. Jeff the guy is over there! (in the complete opposite direction) Jeff answers, You were pointing with both fingers, I thought you were talking about someone in the gallery. I didn't know which finger you meant. And, of course, by turning your chair in a direction completely opposite would not be drawing attention to yourself, I answered.  We finally managed to stop laughing in time for dessert, individual round cheesecakes with chocolate, berrys dizzled with strawberry syrup. Following dessert we listened to two of my fav standby songs before leaving Susan's.


                                                  to be continued....

Saturday, August 20, 2011


As we near the end of August you can almost feel autumn's arrival. A warm summer wind is blowing while leaves are letting go of their branches, sprialing downward to the earth below. The leaves that have landed on the patio terrace scuttle past view quickly. Acorns dropping onto the patio's roof land with a loud echo startling myself and the outdoor gang. 

While Jeff is working today, I've spent the afternoon making a big pot of beef vegetable soup. I've thrown in  organic leeks and red chard, tomatoes with basil, potatoes, sirloin steak and a few other ingredients. 

When Jeff arrives home for dinner, I'll serve this up with rustic French bread and slices of Edam and Gouda cheese. Should kick off our weekend perfectly. 

                        Bon Appetite!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let The Good Times Roll

5/76, Jamestown (Railtown). Art

 Jamestown (Railtown). Art

Motts & Jackie


Motts catchin' a ride.

Riding the rails from Jamestown to Chinese Camp and back.
Same as Petticoat Junction opening scene.

      Jamestown (Railtown). Bette (far back), Bea, Dad, Motts & Jackie.

Railtown Roundhouse, Jamestown.

Water tank used in Petticoat Junction~ still there.

Friday, August 12, 2011


What better introduction to my childhood than this Top Gun video? Before Tom Cruise my dad was the original Maverick~ who really flies their daughter under the Golden Gate bridge? (this was way back in the early 60's when it was alright to do crazy). Actually, I think this was the first story Jeff heard about my childhood from Al... welcome to the family!  Jeff incrediously asked, really? To which I replied, "Hasn't everyone?"
I think, this is one of Jeff's fav stories. As a result of this story and in celebration of my independent spirit Jeff created an original acryilic painting entitled flygirl.

My dad was a private pilot. It was nothing for him and mom to ask each other on the spur of moment, "What do you want to do tonight? O, let's fly down to Palm Springs and watch Louis Prima and have a great dinner!" I had logged in hundreds of hours of air time before I even arrived! Growing up I just wanted to have normal childhood weekends; sleep-overs with my girlfriends, playing Barbie....
Two of dad's best friends were North and Jones~ the trio were inseparable. Jones' brother-in-law, Nieson, was the manager of the San Jose airport and had a ranch in Livermore where we would have WWI private fly-in weekends. I thought, growing up, that everyone had this lifestyle. Looking back it was an extraordinary adventure that I wouldn't trade for anything. And, while these planes were restored beautifully, riding in them? Afterwards, felt like you had been attached to a personal jackhammer~ a small price for the luxury of flying in the seat of history.

 Rotary-type engine on Nieson's WWI Tommy Morris.

Nieson doing a fly-by (on his private field) in his Tommy Morris.

    North, Dad & Jones having a honk.

Art in front of a WWI Stearman. Restored.
Nieuport, WWI French fighter plane.

Nieuport, WWI French fighter plane, up close.

WWI Stearman Trainer. Restored, up close.

Nieson's WWI vintage restored Tommy Morris.

Cockpit of 1916 Spad. I loved flying in this plane on dad's lap as a very little girl!

J.F. flying his 1916 Spad~ only original Spad still flying.
Bette in front of WWI Spad.

Art in front of J.F.'s restored 1916 Spad. Restoration cost on Spad
$50,000 (almost 40 years ago).

My romance with flying that began even before I was aware of the meaning of the word continues....
While cataloging photographs to be placed into new albums I came across these fly-ins and thought I would share some of them with you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Say fromage!

I've been cataloging old family photographs (yikes, who knew I had so many family photographs?) placing them in a temporary box before transferring them into new albums. Sailing through the late 1950's into the 1960's I've conquered 2 albums and am now about to tackle the 70's- year by year. I'll post the ones that bring back the most memories....

A kaleidoscope of old family photographs

Me, Norm, Bobbi, Dad, Bette, Carol, Gram,Ted, Hazel and a very young Rob.
(Carol & Ted holding Leif n Erik)

After dinner conversation: Dad, Norm, Hazel, Al, Bobbi & Bette.

Krissy & Al kicking back.

Gram & Ted (holding one of the boys).

Me, Dad, Al & Gerri (Dad's1908 Surry)
Al's Commencent from San Jose State

Al, Carol, Art, Me, Bette, Dad, Ted, Gram, Hazel.

Al, Carol, Mike

Hazel & Dad.

Christmas 1977 (aka Carol's birthday).
Krissy, Bobbi, Inez, Hazel, Carol & Rob.

Norm, Atman, Carol, Bobbi, Inez, Hazel, Bette, Ollie & Rob.

7/77. Bobbi & Norm. Or, as we like to refer to Bobbi as "the sexiest VP on Rodeo Drive". Although,
I think this was a bit ahead of that adventure.