Saturday, November 3, 2012

saturday morning news

                                      Andrea Bocelli w/ fiancee, Les Feuilles Morte (Autumn Leaves).

Autumn. My favorite season. Has arrived. When you hear the word "autumn" what comes to mind? These are some of the things I envision... leaves in bright holiday colors having the texture of dried raffia. Hot oatmeal with brown sugar and cranberries. Birdsong at dusk. Hunkering down with a good book in an oversized chair, wrapped in wool afghan. The soft glow of lamplight in the late afternoon autumn darkness. Apple cider. The outline of oaktrees in black silhouette against the setting sun. A crackling fire. Hot cocoa w/ marshmellows before bed...

It was an intense work week interrupted by a Havest Festival celebration mid-week. Which, really was much fun... WE had a cotton candy machine (who doesn't love cotton candy?), a theater-styled popcorn maker, costume contest, prizes, games, movies, crafts. Pizza (curtesy of our soda delivery guy).

Yesterday ended on a lovely note... I subbed in Angels. At the end of the day, I shopped at our next door (company owned) thrift store which was having a 50% off sale. I snatched a Smart TV for $10 bucks, a tres-cool Victorian-styled desk light for $3. LOVE IT! Rececived Downtown Chic (Novogratz), my guide to be through our upcoming living/dining room renovation, at the post office.

Plus, new Pottery Barn catalogues. Then I shopped at Angels market selecting grocery items for our weekend menus. 

Jeff cheffed up burgers for dinner. Dessert was pumpkin pie w/ whipped cream. Yum (!)

The house is quiet. The indoor gang is now napping after their morning soccer game. I've added Halloween photos to our Shutterfly family album (2012) and am caught up for the moment. I went online and ordered 2 large hardback coffee table books for my birthday- I know Jeff wanted to purchase them for my upcoming birthday... a little nudge in the right direction is always a good thing.

 I have programs recorded to our DVR that I plan on watching today: Blue Bloods, The Good Wife, Home by Novogratz, The Pioneer Woman, The Barefoot Contessa, Scandal... should be a very full afternoon.

Outdoors, I can hear my neighbor's gas lawnmower as he cuts his grass, the musical sounds of my chimes, an airplane flying overhead, neighborhood children running down the sidewalk, laughing.  Whatever you plan on doing today, go out and enjoy!


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