Sunday, November 25, 2012

weekend morning shenanigans

 Ahhhh, the weekend mornings... thoughts of sleeping-in tantalize me during the work week... usually about the time I'm pulling the covers off to get out of bed...and then Saturday and Sunday arrive and Abigail, our chocolate Himalayan cat has other plans,. Which usually begin w/ Jeff getting outta bed in the very early morning hours. I need more sleep or think I do. Once Jeff has walked out of the room and Abigail can hear the sounds of the electric coffee grinder... it's game on.
She will race through the master bedroom, running behind the dresser onto the window sill, down onto the chair, onto my pillow, off the bed, onto the club chair, the other window sill, then onto the dresser, on top of the DVR, behind the TV, back to the first window sill and chair, then jump onto Gus (our orange DD tabby), repeat the process one more time with the final jump onto Anna Chan, waking her up. Whew! And then... I scoop her up and place her into the foyer where she happily runs off to find Jeff. I return to bed, get myself comfy, about to drift when the lions begin to roar (wanting their breakfast). 
Meanwhile Jeff has settled into the living room at the table trying to enjoy his cup of coffee while watching some WWII b/w movie of days gone by and then he has the kittens to contend with; Leif, Waldorf and Amaretto literally climbing all over him (to say good morning). It's like he's catnip. They adore him and want him to hold them. He places one down, the next jumps up and that process is repeated. Except for Amaretto who thinks she's a parrot. She will jump onto his shoulder and stay, don't bother getting her off because she will climb back up and perch herself there until Jeff has finished his coffee. He calls them "the melty cats" as they lean against and melt into him to be petted.
It's about this time that I join Jeff for coffee and convesation and the indoor gang begins their indoor soccer game. Life is not dull in our household.


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