Saturday, September 17, 2011

Past as Prologue

After a VERY stress filled week at work, it's wonderful to be schedule free today! No plans, no agenda, absolutely nada. Jeff left for work early this AM. Afterwards, I hunkered down with a cup of French roast in the den/libary to listen to Jacqueline Kennedy's 1964 oral history interview with Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., on disc. There are 8 discs with companion book (that were released this week).
A fascinating insight to the Kennedy years for those of my generation who've lived through it. (Although, I have to say as Jackie's voice came on the disc, it gave me quite a start, I never realized how very similar her voice is to my mother's; inflections, tone, pauses, enuciation, everything- it was a surreal moment, to say the least).

So, it's the indoor gang and me today. Perhaps, a blog entry on "Stuffy" later. I have the latest issue of Vanity Fair and Paris Review to read.  Maybe a movie, or two. A very low key day on tap.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning?

Rewind 10 years ago: Jeff, Dave and I were living in our Forrest Meadows condo in Murphys. Dave was sleeping in as he had the day off. Jeff & I had just finished morning coffee in the (second level) living room while watching Imus In The Morning on MSNBC.  Walking upstairs to the 3rd level master suite, I turned the television on channel 3 news while I made our bed. I had just finished placing the pillows and rolling down the comforter at the foot of the bed when they annouced that a small commuter plane had crashed into tower 1 of the World Trade Center.

Walking through the master suite to my clear story writing loft I yelled down to Jeff to see if he had heard this announcement.  Then stepped into the shower before getting ready for work.

I had just stepped out of the shower and had slipped into my bathrobe when the phone rang. The caller was Tara. She, Kyle & Hali lived just down the road, close to downtown Murphys. "Mom, we're under attack!" Then asked if I had seen the plane fly into the World Towers? As I walked back into the master suite I sat down on the foot of the bed just in time to see the 2nd plane hit tower 2.  At about this same time Jeff came bounding up the stairs to join me. Hanging up from Tara, we just sat there not being able to grasp the reality of what we had just seen.

On the way in to work (Jeff & I commuted together that day), we were almost into Angels Camp, when the car radio announced that the Pentagon had just been attacked. The rest of the day was surreal and was like walking in slow motion.

All through the day ears and eyes were peeled to radios and television sets for further news.

That evening, back at home as Jeff and I watched the continued coverage of 9/11-- we were so grateful that ALL of our loved ones were safe, while our hearts went out to the many families who had been touched by this tragedy and had lost their loved ones.

FF to present: Jeff & I watched the 10th anniversary memorial ceremony this morning, then switched over to a 9/11 documentary on A&E. Watching those events unfold again, moment by moment, we still have the same sense of disbelief and the surrealness of that day is once again present all these many years later, watching it is like time hasn't passed.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Saturday solitude

A perfect pre-autumnal Saturday. Jeff was on his way out the door when I woke to wish him a good day before he tooled off to work.

Wandering out into the kitchen, I poured a tall glass of iced water, adding a slice of lemon before closing shut the fridge door. The indoor gang followed me back into the master bedroom where a lovely rain-scented breeze was coming in from the open windows greeted us. Plumping up the pillows, gathering the remotes and book (reading Jackie as Editor), shaking out my fav plush lap blanket before throwing it on top of my heating pad, then lying down and turning on the TV-- the indoor gang were already lazily stretching out and yawning before curling up for their morning nap. Really, guys?

Channel surfed, ending up at CNN where they were describing the heightened security alert in D.C. and New York in response to a credible terriorst threat over the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Then switched over to my DVR and turned on Sarah Richardson's, Design, Inc.  Alternating, between reading, watching television and dozing on/off throughout the morning. Who knew it was so easy to become part of the indoor gang?

Although, the napping part of it is  largly created by the anti-inflams and pain meds. I've never taken anti-inflams that were so regimented; breakfast, lunch, dinner, before bed. But, then neither have I ever had sciatica issues.

Jeff called to make sure I was resting. Usually, at the end of my convalecense, I'm pretty much back into my grove, not so much this time.  I can't lift 15 lbs or over, so that pretty much cuts down on my walking through the house, picking things up as I walk through rooms.  I just walk staight ahead, not looking at the surrounding disaster that has occured in the the last week or so in the living and dining rooms.

It's time for a late lunch and afternoon nap. The weather feels like more rain is on the way. A soft breeze is blowing, carrying with it the sounds of dried rustling leaves. I should be asleep in no time....

... blissful solitude.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Astrologically speaking

"My fav version of Let's Fall in Love from De-Lovely. Doesn't it just make you want to get up and dance?"

Elle magazine's astrology tells me that the September 12 Pisces full moon spotlights self-care. Around this date, escape the fray and reconnect with your soul. It’s been a turbulent time emotionally for you, and you’ve been under quite a bit of stress.

How spot on is this? I went to our local ER yesterday morning where it was discovered that I've been misdiagnosed twice! The first visit the diagnosis was leg sprain/strain. A follow up at the clinic a few days later diagnosed it as a pulled achilles tendon. So, for a month I've been following directions and taking prescribed medication to the letter while the symptoms rapidly spiraled out of control and worsened daily. What was up with that?

The actual diagnosis should have originally have been lumbar radiculopathy better known as sciatica which involves completely different instructions and medication. While there I received 2 injections. Afterwards, stopped by Kelly's pharmacy to pick up the "correct" medication. Good grief! Well at least, I can give all of this info to my Oped next Thursday. But the best news was that yesterday I could walk without that excrutiating pain. Not walking 100% pain free yet, but getting there. As a reward to myself after I heal Jeff thought it would be a great for me to attend Saturday Yoga classes, one of his cutomers drove in yesterday and gave him all the info, knowing I love yoga, it will be a great way to build up my muscles. Love the idea and can't wait to join the class. Meanwhile, I'm on the road to recovery. I'm feeling wonderfully optimistic and can't wait to get back on with my life.  I have places to go, people to see....

                                                   I'm so there!

Monday, September 5, 2011

A spectacular holiday sunrise

I originally woke around 4something this morning, while it was still dark. Listening, I realized that Kitty (our neighborhood mountain lion) was on the prowl. It was her low growl that had awakened me, from across the street. Covering my head with blankets, I fell back to sleep and didn't wake until 7:12  AM-- this time to the sounds of quail scurrying across the front lawn and, the meowing of Stuffy, demanding his breakfast bottle... sunshine streaming in through the open master bedroom windows, blue skies, balmy temps-- absolute perfection.

After feeding Stuffy I hunkered down for a bit and read a chapter of Jackie as Editor. Then went into the den where Jeff joined me over coffee. We decided that country fried potatoes with leftover chicken fried steak sounded like a lovely holiday breakfast. We ate breakfast while watching Death At A Funeral (Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, etc). A good kick-start to our morning.

Jeff is off to the market to pick up a few last minute items while I plan on reading  for awhile.

                                                And, listen to a few tunes....

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scattered Notes....

September is announcing it's arrival with a thunderous falling of acorns onto the patio rooftop and an abundance of oak leaves in our yard-- covering our patio terrace in an abstract zig-zag pattern. Evening darkness rushes to meet us earlier while daylight is becoming clear (once again) with that wonderful winter light (that I love). The morning sun is slower in rising....

I love looking out through our bowler bay living room window from the dining room as we sit down to enjoy dinner as everthing is golden.

I've begun two books and will probably be reading them over the holday weekend:

A few comic scenes from Funny Farm: