Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday bliss

A beautiful spring-like Saturday morning. Blue skies, clear sunshine, temps climbing into the 60's at this early morning hour predicts a balmy afternoon ahead-- the tree tops are filled with birdsong, in addition to the crawing of crows flying overhead from telephone post to telephone post and, the gobbling of neighborhood turkeys, who are slowly strutting their way down our street. It's a varitable jungle out there...

                                                            tree tops soaking up the rays

                                                                       Bear Mountain 

The neighbors are already out with their weedeaters. Jeff is going to be pulling more weeds from our front walkway flower border. First he'll be rinsing off the adirondack porch chairs so I can be out soaking up some rays myself. Perhaps, read or surf the net while he is doing that... Whatever you are doing today, enjoy... it's going to be glorious!

                                                                feelin' good, Pussycat Dolls


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