Saturday, October 27, 2012

a mixed bag of goodies

                                         Paolo Nutini,Down In Mexico.(Originally by the Coasters)

I love Saturdays! I don't have to get up early, but I do... coffee and conversation with Jeff before he again tooled off to work. Then got busy gathering linens to be washed, pouring another cup of French roast in my cup, hunkering back down into the master bedroom to watch Blue Bloods, followed by The Good Wife on our DVR recorder. My Saturday morning routine is obviously underway.

As I was patting myself on the back on the success of storing our DVD's and VHS movies into the old hallway linen closet it dawned on me, as I was looking at a HUGE box sitting in the midst of the almost emptied living room, that holy crapola batgirl... there is one more BOX of VHS video's to go through!!!  Well, it's time to choose between more movies. Which go? Which stay. The bright note on all of this is that I have one upper shelf in the linen closed that can be used for this, whew! I had wanted ALL of the movies in one place. I like it when a plan comes together. Guess I will be spending the rest of the morning doing this little project.

After work yesterday, dashed into Big Lots to pick up some black garbage bags, and while there cruised up and down the home furnishing aisles and let my imagination (which is considerable) go wild. I have come up with a VERY colorful interior design plan for the living and dining room reversals. Since the soon to be gray walls are neutral I'll be bringing in color with the area carpets, bench upholstery and chair fabrics to go with some of our more bold art pieces that we have stored. Even Jeff is getting excited. Well, you have to look beyond the glazed stare whenever I rattle the ideas off to him, but I know it's there. But, seriously he's onboard (it could be worse, he only has to paint the ceilings while I paint the walls, door jambs, baseboards, et al. He's getting off lightly).

Next weekend I am goin' in... yep... the dreaded bank of wall-to-wall hallway closet space is going to have to give it up. Time to clear out and give away. More boxes are going to be needed (like I haven't seen enough of them in the past few weeks). Jeff is going to be sawing up firewood from the fallen tree in the front yard tomorrow. The excitement around here is palpable, can you feel it?

Later this afternoon will be working on Shutterfly w/ a new idea for our upcoming family vacation album. Might even throw in some afternoon reading and a movie curtesy of Netflex... livin' on the edge, it's moment to moment around here.


Before getting started... serious coffee is needed. Whatever you're doing this Saturday, enjoy!


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