Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Random thoughts...

A very Bay area vibe to this Wednesday morning; cool morning temps, overcast skies, intermittent sprinkles.  My lavender lilac tree is in full bloom... I love the scent of lilacs.

I took these pics last night. My purple iris's are also in bloom. I guess spring is officially here according to my garden. I've seemed to have missed most of it...
I've been busy reading through the weekend up until now. Over the weekend I read Christopher Anderson's Barack & Michelle, a portrait of an American marriage.

 I am just finishing a book I've previously read... Reflections, Life after the White House, by Barbara Bush.

I should be starting another book sometime today- Just haven't decided which one as of yet.
Jeff is busy cartooning, while I've managed to sip coffee and surf facebook
We did catch the premiere of HBO's VEEP the other night:

I also recorded some of my fav shows  to our DVR and have watched them during the week: The Good Wife, Scandal, The Pioneer Woman (who made a terrific looking fig/prochutto/arugula pizza), Fairly Legal. All fun shows to watch.
Well, I am off in search of a book to read-- I'm leaning towards Living History (Hilary Clinton) though that might change during my book search...


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