Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

 Our leaf-littered patio terrace this morning.
What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving Day? I am immediately thankful to being able to be home today w/Jeff; our indoor/outdoor gang of furry hooligans who share their lives and moment to moment adventures with us. Watching The Macy's Day Parade which is just beginning while enjoying a cup of French roasted coffee flavored with peppermint mocha creamer (gotta love the holidays) as I blog.
It's a beautiful holiday morning; the sun is out, the sky is clear w/low temps. The air is damp while the pavement is glistening as it sprinkled on/off during the night. So VERY lovely. While feeding the outdoor gang their holiday breakfast of Friskies, I snapped a couple of pics of our backyard oaktrees that have that wonderful southern vibe that I love so much...


I am also thankful that Amanda, Sam & Crickett are safely on their way home after dropping Landie off to meet w/her dad-- Phoenix and Drako are waiting for them at home. And that Dave & Erin, Emma and Zach are having a wonderful time with her family in Paso Robles, Dave and uncle Mike were about to put venison sausage, linguicia, etcetera on the barbie for brunch.
What else am I thankful for today? That I don't have to rush out anywhere. I plan on hunkering down, discovering relaxing activities that do not require me to speak more than I have to w/this laryngitis thing I have going on. Our BIG turkey day takes place in 2 weeks, so Jeff and I can just graze, kick back and just enjoy whatever today brings our way.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!
The Thanksgivng Song, Adam Sandler


At November 22, 2012 at 12:20 PM , Anonymous jekitchell said...

A nice, quiet day, my favorite gal, plenty of coffee and nosh...Happy Thanksgiving.


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