Saturday, April 28, 2012

Duck race, anyone?

This morning Jeff and I enjoyed coffee while watching Blue Bloods, followed by Fairly Legal. We thought it was time for me to get out of the house.
The weather is absolutely glorious-- too lovely to stay indoors. So, for my first big shopping foray Jeff and I thought today is the day. We drove up to Martell this morning where Jeff did some shoe shopping, while I browsed at clothing. We dashed into K-Mart where they were having a special on hotdogs .88 cents a pack, picked up other miscellaneous food items on sale. Then we tooled over to the Dollar Tree where we picked up other food items and household cleaning supplies. WE little frugalnistas loaded up our cart and had a wonderful time searching out items.
I left my walker at home, still having not used it... but I realized that the problem with my last neighborhood walking endeavor was twofold. A. Walking up an incline. B. Not listening to the tendon that was yelling at me in my left leg, near my kneecap.
SO, today I kept it to flat terrain, for the most part. I walked slow but steady. My knees don't hurt- no more bone grinding pre-surgery pain, just a nagging tendon, that I am now listening to better than I was... babying it along.
After our shopping adventure we were hungry and headed over to Sutter Creek, where the town was hopping, the annual last Saturday in April Duck Races were well underway. This meant we had to park 4 long blocks away from Susan's Place. The streets were lined with out of town tourist traffic. A lot of pedestrian foot traffic. The park that runs parellel with Sutter Creek was rockin' with people, rubber ducks, announcers- a good DJ and the smell of hickory smoked BBQ filled the air-  love the smell of barbecue! Especially, on a wonderful warm spring day filled with sunshine and blue skies.
At Susan's we were seated immediately in the outdoor patio section. Jeff ordered their chicken lemon dumpling soup with a bacon, chicken, avocado wrap and coffee. They brought a petite French press with fresh cream to the table for him-- so cute, I'd like to have a 2-cup french press like that (mine is larger, which isn't always good for 1 person). I went with a grilled salmon/coleslaw roll with fresh fruit; blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and canaloupe. Lunch was divine! Yum.
We then walked back to the jeep which was parked at the school, passing our fav little vacation rental whose front doors were flung open. Several cars were parked in the drive and in front-- obviously, someone knew to plan ahead for the duck races that were taking place in the creek, behind the cottage.
Made it slowly back to the jeep- walking slowly. It was a morning of good exercise for me and we had SO much fun- a nice little adventure.
Arrived home; placed items away, which I haven't been able to do-- and that felt good. Then I thought a hot shower was exactly the ticket as my tendon was letting me know it needed attention. Jeff and I opened up the master bedroom windows, turned the fan on and fell asleep, it's going to be a bummer when I can't indulge myself with afternoon naps (and this from a girl who doesn't do afternoon naps, I might have to change this on the weekends after going back to work).
I brought out a heating pad and placed it beneath my tendon- so it wouldn't be too stiff when I woke and drifted off to sleep. Jeff and I woke refreshed. O, and did I mention I ordered cheese cake to go when we left Susan's? It's going to be dessert later- a good reinforcer for exercising today..
A soft late afternoon breeze is coming in through the windows while I sip a lemon lime softdrink. Saturdays, gotta love them!


At April 28, 2012 at 5:53 PM , Blogger jeffrey said...

A day that was fab cubed! Great weather, great lunch, great nap. Man! We could do retirement well.


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