Monday, September 5, 2011

A spectacular holiday sunrise

I originally woke around 4something this morning, while it was still dark. Listening, I realized that Kitty (our neighborhood mountain lion) was on the prowl. It was her low growl that had awakened me, from across the street. Covering my head with blankets, I fell back to sleep and didn't wake until 7:12  AM-- this time to the sounds of quail scurrying across the front lawn and, the meowing of Stuffy, demanding his breakfast bottle... sunshine streaming in through the open master bedroom windows, blue skies, balmy temps-- absolute perfection.

After feeding Stuffy I hunkered down for a bit and read a chapter of Jackie as Editor. Then went into the den where Jeff joined me over coffee. We decided that country fried potatoes with leftover chicken fried steak sounded like a lovely holiday breakfast. We ate breakfast while watching Death At A Funeral (Chris Rock, Martin Lawrence, etc). A good kick-start to our morning.

Jeff is off to the market to pick up a few last minute items while I plan on reading  for awhile.

                                                And, listen to a few tunes....


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