Monday, August 8, 2011

A kaleidoscope of old family photographs

Me, Norm, Bobbi, Dad, Bette, Carol, Gram,Ted, Hazel and a very young Rob.
(Carol & Ted holding Leif n Erik)

After dinner conversation: Dad, Norm, Hazel, Al, Bobbi & Bette.

Krissy & Al kicking back.

Gram & Ted (holding one of the boys).

Me, Dad, Al & Gerri (Dad's1908 Surry)
Al's Commencent from San Jose State

Al, Carol, Art, Me, Bette, Dad, Ted, Gram, Hazel.

Al, Carol, Mike

Hazel & Dad.

Christmas 1977 (aka Carol's birthday).
Krissy, Bobbi, Inez, Hazel, Carol & Rob.

Norm, Atman, Carol, Bobbi, Inez, Hazel, Bette, Ollie & Rob.

7/77. Bobbi & Norm. Or, as we like to refer to Bobbi as "the sexiest VP on Rodeo Drive". Although,
I think this was a bit ahead of that adventure.


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