Saturday, October 13, 2012

saturday musings

It's a tomato Campbell soup kinda day (w/coutons)... at least, that was my soup dujour choice. It's the perfect Saturday afternoon w/ a beyond wonderful autumn vibe. Interesting neighborhood sounds-- writing this blog in our den, I can hear the cheering roar of the soccer crowd (at the school next door to PAWS) and actually, if I were to walk over to the window I could view them bundled up in warm sportswear as well. The wind is loud. It's swirling through the trees before whooshing full force against our rooftop-- sounding like a distant surf.

Indoors, Waldorf is leading the indoor gang in a game of kitty soccer. The twinkling of the ball as it rolls over the hardwood floors is being followed by the sound of thundering paws in hot pursuit. Then SLAM! as either the ball or cat hits the wall, obviously, they have not purr-fected their soccer coordination as yet. It's a goal. Pun intended.

I've filled another 3 small boxes of books (donation). I'm making progress in this department. I just finished watching one of my fav designing partners on HGTV, actually, I record their show on our DVR, Home by Novogratz, weekly. Today's show was in rearranging a pre-world war NY city apartment w/ 3000 books (Jeff and I were close at 2000). Their design on the bookcases interspread w/artwork, et al, is pretty much what we have going on. So, it was interesting to see it in someone else's home.

                                               Home by Novogratz, a new book by Robert & Cortney

Today is kind of a mixed bag of writing, listening to music, watching TV, watering my flower beds, working on family genealogy, journal writing, blogging. Plenty of things to keep me occupied until Jeff returns home from work later this afternoon....

                                               You'd be so nice to come home to. - Jo Stafford.


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