Sunday, October 14, 2012

to blog... or not to blog?

It's been a somewhat productive Sunday morning... Jeff and I enjoyed coffee while watching Meet the Press, then switched gears to listening to music w/brunch. We needed our strength to go over ballot proprositions- we completed our absentee ballots and felt a sense of having done our civic duty. How wonderful a priviledge is it to be able to live in a society where your voice matters?

Then it was on to watering my front walkway flower beds, boxing up more books (hard to believe, I know) as the indoor gang attempted to sabotage every effort to do so, jumping in front of me while I walked, jumping into the boxes, out of boxes- it was a pretty swell game while it lasted. Even Leif & Amaretto got into the act. I brought them indoors yesterday as they have colds, but apparently are doing much better today.  

Jeff and I have talked over room design for the living room. I've tried being conventional... and honestly, it just isn't in me. We no longer need a formal living room, so why have one? We have decided on a deeper, richer gray for the wall/ceiling color. With an emphasis on a bohemian 50's flair in ambience, not so much in actuality. It's funny what influences our designing concepts. One of my fav rooms, was my childhood girlfriend Barbara's mother's dining room, I still can clearly remember everything. It was elegant, great art on the walls, comfy, had wonderful French doors that led out onto the front foyer terrace where we would sit and play barbies or color for hours on end.  So, I am updating this to fit our living room. I mean, we love to entertain family and let's face it we're ALL foodies squared, so this will be a perfect fit for us. While our current dining room will serve as a transition space between kitchen and living room, now to be a dining/conversational sitting room.  It will be minimalistic in furnishings (which my son David will love), I've always had lots of furnishings well designed, so as to not look cluttered, but very casual. At long last he has brought me over to his side...  Or, perhaps it is just age... I've just grown tired of having to care for inanimate objects. I can be doing something else with my time (that I really enjoy
So, basically we're just going to have our long dining room table, church pew benches (I'll be reupholstering myself), a dresser/credenza will take the place of our current coffee station. I have 2 of my fav art pieces selected for this room, plus sculpture pieces, 2 Queen Ann antique dining chairs (that we have stored in the garage-- they're faded red w/ black leather seats which will add a splash of color. 2 area carpets to place on the hardwood floors that we'll be painting. Plus, grommit-styled draperies (to cover our large bowler bay window at night) should finish off the new space nicely.

Meanwhile, today... I have some reading planned. I began Robert B. Parker's Blue Screen which introduces the character of Sunny Randall, P.I. who is his Jessie Stone's Paradise police chief's on/off girlfriend. A light read and fast-paced suits my mood. But, first I'm in desperate need of lunch...

                                                                  Chicken Fried. - Zac Brown


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