Saturday, October 6, 2012

kickin' it into autumn gear

                                                                         Sway, Pussycat Dolls

It really is beginning to feel like autumn. The air is cooler and carries a soft breeze. That wonderful clear winter light (that I so love) is everywhere. And, if that weren't enough to celebrate, we have a long holiday weekend that is just starting. It doesn't get much better than this. What are your weekend plans? Murphys Grape Stomp is underway this morning-- always a fun event. We're skipping it this year and I already am missing the delicious apple pies that I buy (annually) to kick start autumn. (I'll have to tool over to Covers Apple Ranch to make up for this depravation).

 ... doing my golden-haired lab imitiation

What's on tap for today? Well, Jeff has today off, the first Saturday... in all honesty.... since I can't remember when. Today's plan is to clean out the garage. Actually, I'm kinda morphing into what Jeff always describes me as... his best friend. Man's bff is always known to have been a dog which I am identifying with more and more lately... a golden-haired retriever of sorts (which is not a bad thing) I just kinda sit and point at what needs to be removed (when Jeff is in doubt). He'll look back over at me, I point again, still sitting. Since knee surgery there is a limit to what I can lift... which is probably better for Jeff as I would normally be taking box after box down and saying toss this... and this... and this can go too, and don't forget this! My job (as Jeff kindly suggested this AM) is to bring my laptop, or a book, to the patio terrace table, in front of our backyard's tandem garage door, that swings open and upward, cat herding. Keeping the outdoor gang from entering, as inevitably, one of them always sneeks in and has to be rescued.

"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."
- F. Scott Fitzgerald
And then there are books! I am continuing my process of clearing off bookshelves. Still working on the shelves in the den, but moving on this weekend, to the hallway and living room as well. WE have so very many books, which we both love, but... there comes a time to say goodbye and send them on to others who will enjoy them as well.
Plus, I stopped off at the Library this week, after work, and picked up 2 more Jesse Stone mystery novels by Robert P. Parker. (All of my fav authors are passing away.) I've just begun High Profile and then will read Death in Paradise (have the DVD and all the other Tom Selleck DVD's of this series). Something about autumn and mysteries; the weather is crisp and you can just hunker down into the storyline as the days shorten and the dark lingers into longer hours.
What I love about these mystery novels is Parker's dialogue; his play on words, absolutely masterful.  I have a few of Parker's Spencer novels, none of his Sunny Randol, but winter is coming and the library has a ton of them... these may just be my winter mystery series.

Benefit of the Doubt, Jessie Stone series featuring Tom Selleck.
Cannonball Adderly featuring Miles Davis, Autumn Leaves (1958)
In case you still weren't feeling an autumn vibe, thought I would close out this blog with this classic Autumn standard...


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