Monday, March 5, 2012

Monday morning malaise

Happy Monday! The weekend just kinda blew past and here we are at the beginning of a new week. The weather is gorgeous as we march towards spring (just a few weeks away). Very summer-like, whatever happened to winter? It never really arrived.
Jeff and I after having test driving retirement have decided that we will be very good at it when it finally arrives in 10-12 years. The secret is separateness. Each of us doing our own thing. As we're both artistic/creative animals this is easier than imagined. At the moment I am so very limited in what I can do around the house that I kinda center on projects that do not require a lot of walking, this will change after surgery-- when I can once again take on the world, well... after I find my cape, I seemed to have misplaced it at the moment.
We begin our morning over coffee, conversation and whatever news, political or otherwise is occuring.  Then we sojourn to our creative spaces. Jeff is at work in the writing room on the computer while I am in the master bedroom, seated in one of my fav club chairs in front of  one of the master bedroom windows. We eventually break, catch up with one another, do whatever, meet again over lunch, usually a very late lunch (as we tend to lose track of time), go back to our projects. Meet up in the kitchen as we prepare dinner. Then either hang out together or complete the project for the day. This way we have something to talk about throughout the day. Later on I'll be able to go on walks again, garden, redesign our rooms, etcetera. So far it's working...


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