Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday musings

Giving Up (is hard to do), Aaliyah from Sparkle soundtrack 2012

This is my weekend update from elle magazine:
On Sunday, the domestic diva within you emerges, as the Sun moves into Pisces and your home zone for a month. Spruce up Chateau Sagittarius already, whether that means replacing your bedding or doing a total d├ęcor overhaul. You live for original touches, so check out vintage shops, indie furniture designers, or try your hand at a DIY project.
Which pretty much coincides with our plan. Jeff is in the writing room working on a story while I blog and enjoy a demitasse cup of French roast coffee.
I actually slept in til 9 o'clock this morning, a rare occurance. I did manage to lift my head from the pillow and see a very gray world outside of the master bedroom, then covered my head with blankets and drifted back to sleep. The fog has burned off. The sun has emerged in the soft gray colored sky.
Jeff is going to wash the floors later this afternoon. Afterwards, we (as in I directing) will be moving some pieces (as little as possible) around to make the foyer walker friendly after my return home from the hospitial, placing the long sofa table behind the sofa, etcetera.
I usually purchase new bed linens every spring, but I sped it up a bit and picked them up Friday afternoon. So, interestingly... my elle horoscope is somewhat spot on, go figure!


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