Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Surgery postponed...Really?!?

And the answer would be... yes. It all started out great. Up at 3:20 AM, Jeff on the computer in the writing room. I made our bed. Placed my lotions, etcetera into my makeup bag. Hung out with Jeff and the indoor gang while I enviously watched Jeff sip French roast coffee as we watched Morning Joe. It's primary day. Political stuff...
When it was time to leave we set off. Delayed a few minutes by having to turn the car window defroster on. And... we're off.
Arrived at ER to check in the same time as a close friend and her family arrived for her surgery. The lobby was like party central with lots of laughter and storytelling. Not a bad way to kick off surgery.
I was called a few minutes later. Jeff went out into the lobby, a different lobby to wait while I was prepped. Endless questions, more had to be asked but the nurse, a lovely woman, whom i really liked, filled them in.
Blood pressure taken. Temperature taken. IV inserted. 60 cc tube of blood taken, I'll be honest, that one I could feel. They draw your blood then circulate it in ER inject it to your knees for quicker healing.
I had on a haute couture hospital gown that was paper but... it has a place where you can insert a hose and it keeps you warm. Plus, totally cool purple socks with paw prints, did they see me coming, or what? Paper hair net for surgery (in white).
They brought Jeff back in to talk with me.
My surgeon arrives, looking very handsome in a JFK, Jr., kinda way. He is very causual in his jeans and takes one look at LIGHT razor burns. I shaved my legs yesterday and I NEVER repeat NEVER have gotten a razor burn in my life, with the exception of using Nair in my teenage years.
Carie, you can't have surgery.
It's a new hospital policy. Because of a 1 in 3 percent chance of infection setting in and then they would have to uncement my bilateral surgery and basically it just wouldn't be pretty.
What are the odds? I never get a razor burn and the hospital just implemented this policy. 
So, I think we're looking at Thursday for me to go into his office to make sure the razor burn is gong and we'll go from there.
On the bright side (quoting my surgeon) you'll know what to expect when you arrive back for surgery.
Oy !
And there you have it. Thinking positively, Jeff did treat me to a country breakfast before we arrived back home. And on an amusing note to myself, I will be having a a trapese overhead to help me move around. And a wristband that reads, a warning that I am a fall risk.  Well as dad used to say I don't think I've had this much fun since the hogs ate baby sister! It's not going to be dull for sure...


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