Friday, February 3, 2012

Here N There

Where have I been? Nowhere terribly exicting, but I've been terribly creative... in my head anyway. I've been pulling together a family album from our summer vacation last year. If you haven't discovered, I urge you to scope them out.  I just received our album in the mail and it surpasses my expectations which were set really high, anyway.
The album is 8x11" and is a totally cool way to keep memories au currant and within reach. The paper is high quality and feels wonderful to the touch.. like an expensive gloss magazine page, love it!
So on the way home from work, I thought I needed to stop off at the market, and pick up a few items for dinner.
Cruising down the produce aisle I decided to grab a Caesar Salad kit bag assembled with everything included.

Next stop was the butcher section:

Craving a steak, I chose a New York steak for dinner. Steak and salad, one of my fav childhood dinners that seemed to be calling out my name.
On the way to check-out I picked up another childhood fav snack which I planned to eat on the drive home:

I've been really good about snacks, not eating them, but when you're sick and don't feel well comfort food is high on my list. And, orange Hostess cupcakes are so filled with yummy goodness, how could I possibly pass them by? Not happenin'... into the cart they went.
Arrived home. The indoor/outdoor gang were waiting patiently for their din-din which I served up before getting started on other thngs like plumping up the pillows of the living room sofa, asking Anna Chan to get off of them so I could do this. Turning on the tv, lights, changing into scrubs, putting groceries away... we all have our different routines.
Then I sat down at our oak dining table and began working on my laptop. Creating more vacation albums, well... the beginning process. Santa Cruz and Virginia City are saved to my other computer, so I downloaded those onto Shutterfly while catching up on facebook, etc.
Jeff arrrived home and was very much looking forward to dinner. He grilled the French bread whlle I sauteed the mushrooms in wine and garlic, then fried the steaks; kind of a Steak Diane which went perfectly with the salad and grilled bread.
An early Friday evening for Jeff as he was exhausted and could barely stay awake. I remained at the dining table working on albums, while the indoor gang ran a muck. They put in a few rounds of floor soccer, followed by several wrestling matches and a few good smack downs while I worked away on the laptop.
At the end of which, I was too tired to get up and move. The thought of putting forth the effort kept me in my chair for another 30 minutes. Eventually, I made it to bed- stocking up on tissues, water and cough drops before heading off in that direction.

Miss American Pie, John McClean


At February 3, 2012 at 7:44 PM , Blogger jeffrey said...

Seriously, if you like books, these are really cool. Good feel and the price isn't too bad. They're easy to do, too.


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