Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Morning

                                             Show Me How You Burlesque, from Burlesque

Monday has dawned with rain in the Mother Lode. It's somewhat wet outdoors. Sprinkling lightly. Jeff's left for work. His last work day before being home with me for 4 weeks. Speaking of which... I opened up a book of affirmations that I keep on a bookcase shelf in the master bedroom. Glancing ahead to tomorrow  it reads:  Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first. Assignment: Eat dessert first today. It's always wise to glance ahead (I've discovered). Since I am having surgery tomorrow and can't ingest anything after midnight tonight, I think I should have dessert today. Well, after all my testings and screenings schedules for today. Today's affirmation: Always be a little kinder than necessary. Today, be a whole lot kinder to yourself than you had imagined possible. It that does not confirm that I should have dessert today I don't know what does!
Jeff and I had a great day yesterday cruising about. First stop was Sonora. Selecting a new laptop case for my laptop computer. Found the perfect one. Picked up other miscellaneous items before leaving. Ducked into Big Lots afterwards- looking at patio furniture. Then it was time for lunch. What better place for Mexican food than El Jardin's in Columbia?

Lunch was scrumptous, as always. I kicked started my lunch with a margarita, then ordered their snow crab/garlic enchilada while Jeff opted for their pork chimichunga. Afterwards, we decided to go for a drive... and found ourselves cruising toward Murphys- such a lovely afternoon.

After arriving home we hunkered down in the master bedroom. While Jeff read I watched Secondhand Lions on my laptop and got caught up on my journal writing. I've been slacking over the past few days. A low key evening- just what we both needed...


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