Monday, February 13, 2012

bilateral total knee replacement surgery

                                                                    Walk this Way, Aerosmith.

I thought in this blog I could be your everything you ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask girl.
Surgery is definitely on for the latter part of this month. Just had my last pre-op visit with my surgeon prior to surgery, thus the term pre-op... we signed and exchanged enough paperwork to re-plant a small Siberian forest. New high tech phrases have entered my vocabulary like
"Surgery Experience."  Considering I am going to be unconscious (one hopes) how will I really know what kind of surgery experience I underwent? Is this told by word of mouth to the patient. Wow, you had the best surgical experience of anyone we've ever had in the OR. Everyone is still talking about it! Wish you could have seen it, You were really just too cool for words.... and you were SO funny. Or, do they say... Man, I'm so sorry. Your surgical experience just sucked, wish we coulda made it better for you, bummer.
Who thinks up these hip new phrases?
I'll be up and walking short distances the day after surgery. Remaining in the hospital for at least 4 days before being released.
My new best friend is going to be a machine that circulates/exercises my legs and who will be coming home with me in addition to a walker... and, a pair of When-the-hell-can-I-take-off-these-knee-hi-socks that I will have to wear so that blood clots won't form.
In addition to blood thinners that have to be injected into my stomach twice a day during my stay and after arriving home for a total of 14 o-so-lovely days after surgery. Although, on the bright side they've just made this blood thinner into an oral form, a first. It's cheaper for the hospital and me... and I just might be the first to try it out up here in our neck of the woods. My surgeon just placed an RX for it through our local pharmacy, which would mean I wouldn't have to stab myself in the stomach twice a day.
I also will have an in-home visiting nurse, who will also assist with physical therapy, until it's time a few weeks after surgery, to go out and have other physical therapy at the hospital.
I'm going to have scars several inches long on both knees until they fade. I can live with that.
Meanwhile, it's no more NSAIDS, etcetera for pain, as I'm nearing surgery. After having my knees tweaked into positions they haven't been in for awhile during my examination and the rain.. walking this week, well... is going to be very challenging, probably no more so than usual and the end is near. 
Jeff will be taking time off to assist me. Aims, Erin & Dave are only a phone call away. There is no doubt that the first 3 months are going to be absolutely brutal, but when you look at the BIG picture, it will be well worth it.
I'll be blogging and filling you in as I go, no reason for overload at this point.

It's time for an afternoon nap. The rain is falling and the indoor gang is already asleep.


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