Saturday, February 18, 2012

I heart Cooking

One Step At A Time, Jordan Sparks.

Saturday has arrived after what has been an exhausting, non-ending and insanity filled week. I woke feeling simply overwhemled. Overwhelmed with everything. There are SO many unfinished things on my to do list before surgery that it's almost mind-boggling.
I've decided to put things on hold until tomorrow and just take 5. I have a long weekend ahead and will finish what I need to do by the beginning of next week. Meanwhile, I decided to plung into an afternoon of cooking following a morning of grocery shopping. When I just can't do anything, I cook, it's therapy. I love the sensory process. So what do I have cooking on this overcast afternoon with rain expected to check in soon?
Well, for one thing... a large pot of portugee beans. In the crockpot I have a porkloin roast hanging out in the pool with fresh thyme, mushrooms, creme fraiche, wine, brown sugar, saurkraut and a few other secret ingredients. When finished the pork will be beyond tender and I'll be able to pull it apart with my fingers, but I'll use a fork.
Late yesterday afternoon I went shopping for a bathrobe, etc. for my upcoming hospital stay. Found a very cool plush Ralph Lauren bathrobe in pink- the perfect color, because let's face it- you never look so unappealing as when you're under those bright fluorescent lights they have shining on you. Found everything on my list. Stopped in at a store that will remain nameless, carrying a hand basket, I had placed 3 items in, when I had to leave as I couldn't walk, by the time I made it to the jeep, I could barely get in. Came home, left the packages and bags in the jeep and went to bed.
Today has been a test of endurance, but you just have to push yourself and not give in.
The beans have finished and are tasting really good with just enough of a kick to be wonderful tomorrow. The pork is still simmering and should be ready after Jeff arrives home from work.
I am going to hunker down and read The Other Side of Loneliness, a spiritual journey by Ned O'Gorman. One of the most beautifully writtem memoirs I've read recently, I get lost in his words and wonder why I can't write like that? It's a process.
As the world says goodbye today to Whitney Houston, I'll close out this blog with her singing I Look To You:


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