Monday, January 16, 2012

Round 2 begins

                                                              Rocky, Slyvestor Stallone

... as I enter MTSJH lobby. At the Admitting desk they now hand you a round hockey puck-type activator that pages you when it's your turn. Numbered paper tickets are SO old skool!
How does this work? I ask the admitting receptionist. She tells me it will light up and vibrate when it's my turn. This could be fun... While waiting I scope out the first floor waiting room-- there are several vinyl/fabric upholstered sofas that are outnumbered by plump wing-like club chairs scattered about the large open-spaced room, creating myriad conversational areas.
A bit country English in feel with mission styled lamps on wood end tables with glass shades; an intriguing but comfy juxtaposition. There are round tables with chairs drawn up to them for newspaper reading, laptops.
A lovely, elegant, older woman, a volunteer,cheerfully suggests I might have a cup of coffee that is on a nearby coffee station. I think that Jeff is really going to NOT be bored while I have surgery; coffee, a large table to spread out notes and a laptop-- he's going to be in hog heaven!
I think you check off time, as we know it, the moment you enter a hospital. My appointment was for 10:45. I arrived at 10:30. At 11 AM I was still waiting to fill out paperwork. Around 11:20
I was admitted to Radiology... hospitals have their own time zone.
A very sweet, young radiologist, takes my paperwork while handing me a pair of light blue scrubs to put on. While changing into scrubs she tells me, 'I love your voice! It sounds so young!!! 'Yeah,' I reply... 'I get that alot, there's something about having a soft Marilyn Monroe voice.' 'I bet it's got you outta trouble a few times.' We both laugh as I answer with 'it's saved my a-- a few times.'
I look at the CT scanner and ask, how far in do I have to go? Just up to your chest, your head is out.
I am not claustrophobic, in the real sense of the word in any other area of my life, but get near an MRI machine or CT scanner- panic attack.
I lie down, she places a rolled up  towel between my feet and tapes my feet together with rolling tape. Bondage? I ask. No, it's just to ensure non movement.
Then I'm going in... and in... and in... almost up to my eyes. DEEP breath. She rushes over and apologises as it hadn't read the reading correctly. Great! An illiterate CT scanner.
She tells me her friend, who weighed, like, 350 lbs. also had a double knee replacement and was up and walking in 2 days, back to work in 6 weeks and has since lost 100 lbs, feels fabulous....
The real cool thing she told me is that the reason for this CT scan is to measure weight distribution on my hips, knees to be, ankles... my new knees will be calculated to fit me perfect. Loving that. Well, most women my age begin with having their face lifted, I'm just starting a bit further down than most.
A half hour later I walked out the sliding lobby doors, back to where times exists as I know it. It's gorgeous outdoors. Clear blue skies, sunshine but crisp tems hovering in the upper 40's low 50's with a steady cold breeze of about 15 mph.
Having a hot cup of steaming coffee while I blog. It's almost time to pick up Hunter, Mahjong, Autumn and Stuffy from their Vet appointment.

                                                           Eye of the Tiger, Rocky



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