Saturday, January 14, 2012

Blog on the run


This mornings blog is being crammed in-between bites of breakfast on the fly, not literally, of course... its a no winged insect zone.
But, I am dashing about the house trying to gather everything up before having to go out and about into the world. So, I'm scarfing down a breakfast of cottage cheese with blueberries and an apple muffin (on the side).
A rather large breakfast for a girl who has become accoustomed to Special K cereal. My plan is to eat now so that when I return from appointments and errands I can dive into projects on my household to do list-- we'll see how well this pans out.
It's absolutely gorgeous outdoors this AM. Clear blue skies, cool temps and sunshine. It's the season of our spring-like winter afternoons...
Whatever you're doing this Saturday, enjoy!


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