Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday afternoon musings

A summer evening with temps hovering in the low 90's-- a soft, warm breeze is filtering through the master bedroom windows. We've had a nice day... tooling over to Martell for miscellaneous shopping, then lunching and browsing through shops in Sutter Creek. We decided to lunch at Thomi's. I selected a triple decker club while Jeff opted for the tuna and avocado. We dined on the patio...

Afterwards, I popped into On Purpose and picked up Dr. Dwayne Dyers's new book, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, Living the Wisdom of the Tao. We had watched him speaking on this subject on PBS a few months ago. The book includes 81 essays on how  to apply the ancient wisdom of Lao-tzu to today's modern world. It's very well written and will be next on my reading list just as soon as I finish Joy for Beginner's (which is a great novel to get lost in during the summer).

I also did a photo mini shoot along Eureka street-- which is our fav street and also the street where our get-away cottage resides... the creek is very low. The garden was green and lush... a beautiful morning and afternoon in Sutter Creek.

Then it was time to come back home. Jeff napped while I read, eventually, I fell off into a deep afternoon nap.  We've had dinner, leftovers from lunch (yummy) and I think we have one more bag of tanbark to lay down... before I get back into reading mode.


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