Friday, March 23, 2012

high tech medicine = feeling like a natural woman

                                              You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman, Carole King

... with a few natural preservatives added like...2 stainless steel knee replacements, cement, stainless steel screws. Most women my age begin having face lifts; I'm just starting a bit lower than most. Why follow the herd?
So after surgery I have these two new knee pads, a low tech term for lack of a better word like it's actual name.

These would be the long black strips on both knees. What they do is replace staples and sutures. They have to small sized black vouches that you carry around they have self contained draines that clean themselves-- further removing risk of blood clots. They are very cool, anything beats stitiches and staples. But, better yet, they remove 99 percent of all scaring. They are totally new on the market and I am the first patient up here to receive them. As my surgeon asked me, who better than to try it out on? Than moi? I finished. Exactly, he agreed.
I am also the first up here to try Xarelto,1 every evening, a pill that replaces a blood thinner that I would otherwise have to self inject into my stomach twice daily. This totally works for me. The nurses were scrambling trying to find out what exactly it was-- I was only to happy to tell them. And, I didn't have a catheter during surgery... so I think this makes quite a bit of difference in the healing process.
Jeff cut off my hospital bling- although, I did save the Fall Risk bracelett. Just because it appealed to my twisted side.


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