Friday, March 30, 2012

Catching Up

It's a little after midnight... I've always thought that when you can't sleep, do something creative, especially, if the following day is not a work day. With that in mind I thought I would catch you up to speed on my day yesterday.
It began with physical therapy- I have a very enthusiastic, upbeat team who works out with me. All with wonderfully creative approaches to reaching mobility goals set for the day ahead. I can now sit in a chair and have 80-90 mobility in legs, they alternate. One day my left leg is better than my right, as was the case yesterday. I worked out for an hour. Then took a brief nap-- it amazes me how exhausted I am afterwards. I was still feeling this catch, or restriction in both knees w/out having the vac pouches on.
In the afternoon I had an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. Jeff drove me over and hung out with me up to a few points. One was radiology-- X-rays of both knees. They look specatacular from the inside, Jeff, me and my surgeon were beyond pleased! Having seen the before pics of what looked to be solid rocks with sticks attached to having very descernable and identifyable sections of interior knee visible. My surgeon was ecstatic about my progress and determination to date... then it was time to remove the staples, I did have them after all, which I discovered after taking off the vac pouches- 20something per knee to be exact.
Having survived that ordeal we set up an appointment in the next 3 weeks and he gave me a script (RX) for hospital physical therapy to begin in 4 weeks.
Leaving the office, back in the jeep, I just kinda crumpled into an exhausted heap. We stopped by Jeff's mom's briefly, I stayed in the jeep, she wanted to see me and her home isn't that far from my surgeon's office. Then we stopped at the market for ice for my knees, I think I should invest in ice at the rat we're purchasing it in bulk. Jeff dashed in and then we went home.
I barely had the strength to walk inside, but with Jeff's assistance managed to do so. I litterally tumbled into bed.
We watched the end of Miss Congenealty while waiting for the potatoes to roast in the oven. They were to go w/ Jeff''s pot roast (crock pot) carrots & onions. Such a wonderful dinner-- that seems now to have been a slow motion blur. Then we watched Pretty Woman, actually, I dozed on/off throughout movie. Then it was time for bed.
I received SO many get well cards from friends (Jeff went to our post office box yesterday)  that I want you to know as soon as I am able I will dash off a thank you-- they really cheered me on and made my day! Thank you....


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