Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday morning confusion

Sunday morning confusion is the perfect title for today's blog as it SO very apparently descibes my state of mind, or lack thereof...
WE finished breakfast, I put dishes away and come into the writing room to blog.  Just as I sat down I could hear this THUNK... THUNK... THUNK. Then silence. After a few moments it began again, then more silence. Just as I began to type another loud thunk. Thinking it was the indoor gang I yelled out for them to stop. Silence. I began to type again and another loud thunk. I yelled out again to knock offf whatever they were doing in the living room because they didn't want me to come in there as I would seriously have to hurt them (yeah, that's going to happen).
Silence. With a smile on my face, I settled back into my chair, sipped coffee and then heard an even louder thunk. Seriously??? Time to get up and investigate.  I opened the writing room door and announced, "Okay, you 4-legged terriorists I'm coming out to see what you're up to and you better be very afraid!" Walk into the living room. The indoor gang is spread out in nap formation like a herd of fainting goats on the woven rattan area rug.
They ALL look up with squinting half-opened eyes looking (if you can call it a look) questioningly at me. Now WE all have this befudled look of confusion on our faces. Hmmmn.
I wander back into the writting room, sit down, take another sip of coffee and am about to start typing, when I not only hear but feel another loud THUNK. Seriously???
Then I think... the indoor gang is accounted for. Where's Jeff? What's he doing? As I walk down the hallway my suspicions are confirmed as I hear another loud thunk. I step outside and he's just beginning to take a break. He's been using the pick axe to tear up a large remaining root from the ancient evergreen we'd taken out of the front flower bed weeks ago. Mystery solved. That was an intriguing morning adventure.
I guess it's time to go out and join Jeff in our gardening project. More blogging adventures to come...


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