Saturday, January 7, 2012

Saturday in the 'hood

It has been a glorious winter afternoon. Partially, because it's Saturday and partially because I don't have to punch a clock-- the luxuary of free time has been intoxicating. 
The weather has been perfect; blue skies, sunshine and the temps have remained at 59 degrees with a light cool breeze.
So, having had this free time how have I spent it? Well, after blowing through a gazillon + count caloric intake of fast food on the run, I thought the best thing to do would be to walk some of it off.
 Leaving Burger King's parking lot I headed across the street to Cal Lumber and walked through their garden center. And, I have to say, that I am VERY pleased with myself. I noticed that they also had a blue spruce topiary in stock. Flipping the price tag over I gasped when I saw it was $99.00. Then imagine my delight when I realized what a great deal I had gotten at Lowes last weekend. These same spruce topiarys were on a 50% sale per spruce. I picked up each one for $15something. A great savings! Made my day.
Arrived home, changed into my gardening clothes and got to work on the tan bark until I couldn't walk anymore, then put everything away.

As the late afternoon sun began to sink beneath the horizon, came in, showered, changed into scubs and hunkered down with Chris Matthew's, Jack Kennedy, Elusive Hero.
Then went online, puchased a book at Amazon and am now enjoying a wine spritzer while waiting for Jeff to arrive home. He's cheffing up a pasta dish with garlic bread as the warm afternoon temps are beginning to noticeably drop off.

            Mambo Italiano, Rosemary Clooney.

Dashed out to feed the outdoor gang, and it's brrr, but looking up I could see the sky has turned a beautiful rose- very Maxfield Parish. Time to settle in for the evening.


At January 8, 2012 at 5:21 AM , Anonymous jeffrey said...

Gaak! Sounds like too much work for a day off. Oh well, Sunday is coming and I'll be out there too. See ya in the dirt...


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