Saturday, January 7, 2012

A weekend wasted isn't a wasted weekend

The weekend is here. At last. What to do? Well, somehow this weekend ended up to be a weekend that has myriad things to do. I will be going into town this morning to pick up spay/neuter certificates for the kittens. Pick up something for lunch, put down tan bark along the front garden walkway, and at some point this afternoon, I plan on watching Morning Glory on the DVD player.

Then there's reading... I'm still in the beginning of Jack Kennedy, Elusive Hero, which I am finding to my surprise very well written and researched. Which is actually why I purchased it. Chris Matthews has somehow gotten ahold of William Manchester's notes which are sealed for another 50 years-- I don't have that long to wait. He also uses some of Jackie's historic conversations with Arthur Schlenger Jr to create an insight to JFK's psyche.


And, in-between all of this, who knows? But I do know I need to get started and yet... can't seem to...


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