Saturday, October 29, 2011

Musings du jour...

                                                                   sadistic slug humor

After what seemed like an extraorinarily long work week the weekend is here at last. Jeff is working~ we plan to meet up later for a dinner date and movie. Specifically, a greasy burger and a showing of The Rum Diary. I've lost another pound this week, let's put it back on, I say.
 I do get one pig-out day a week and in the last several weeks I've only indulged in one pig-out day. I figure this is okay as I can't indulge (at all) in any extra holiday goodies~ I'll enjoy them twice as much next year.

Speaking of movies, Director Clint Eastwood has a new biopic out entitled J Edgar, looks intriguing:

This morning I've ran errands in town, stopping off at CVS pharmacy, then Angels Market and picked up a great yoga video at our thrift store. I'm half-way through Ron Suskind's The Way of The World- love his writing. He weaves facts of past and present in a John Grisham kind of narrative. A fascinating read.

The day has cool autumn temps with a slight breeze.  Time to  listen to some tunes, read and maybe catch a brief nap before venturing back into town to meet up with Jeff.

                                 One of Dad's fav songs seems to be getting a new life.


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