Saturday, October 22, 2011

Introducing Stuffy...

        Original Audi A8 commercial

 Can you spot the subtle changes in the revised version?

These Audi commercials were based on Good Night, Moon.

Once upon a time a few short weeks ago, on a swealtering summer evening, I was sitting in our computer room browsing facebook. The fan was swirling air about the room, the windows were open, and finally, it dawned on me there was something meowing outside, underneath the eyebrow window. Faint, but persistent . A hungry kitten.  None of the outdoor gang had been with kitten recently, hmmm. A conumdrom! Walking across the patio terrace, past the pond, and almost around the corner, in the side yard, stood a petite black and white kitten (about 3-4 weeks old) looking remarkably like Sylvester.  No other kittens in sight and no mother cat around. The outdoor gang accepted that he was on their turf, but offered no support. With the exception of Gracie, who adopts and nurses all kittens. She walked up to him, licked his head then walked away to go lie in the dry grass, in the upper backyard, he was on his own. 
 I returned inside and could still hear his meowing. The next morning I went outdoors to feed the outdoor gang and there he was in the same spot. He walked towards me and kept meowing, obviously hungry.  I brought him inside, gave him a bottle of KMR formla and placed him in a large kennel.  Over the weekend he grew stronger, as our beloved Bonbon unexpectedly became gravely ill and later in the week had to be put to sleep.  I decided to name him Stuffy after the Audio commerical because his mouth is always open- notice Stuffy the fox in the commercial yawning with his mouth wide open? That would be him. He loved his bottle and would hold the bottle with both of his front paws and back feet and as soon as the formula was gone he would begin to yowl LOUDLY to note his displeasure. In the wake of Bonbon's departure Stuffy has filled in her paws sweetly.  Misha and Kyoko who, in particular, keenly grieved her loss have taken Stuffy under their care, particularly Misha-- they're now inseperable. Stuffy is now learning to eat from a bowl and still gets upset when he discovers that he's finished off his food and there is nothing left-- I know what he's talking about. I, too, have the same feeling when my meals are finished.



The children's classic "Good Night, Moon".


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