Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Morning Shiva Goddess of Destruction!

Who knew that MC Hammer's classic "You Can't Touch This" would become the theme of my Sunday morning? Slept great, got outta bed and almost immediately (except for the short trek from the master bedroom through the hallway to the kitchen) became the Goddess of Destruction leaving a wide path of debris behind me to rival any natural hurricane.

It began innocently enough. I saw that the indoor gang's water bowl needed to be refilled. I filled a plastic container, when full, I walked over to the water bowl and began to pour the water in, then lost the grasp of the bowl and the water flowed all over the kitchen linoleum in rivulets spreading out far and wide across the entire kitchen floor. Jeff came to my rescue with the mop and kindly mopped up the floodwater.

Changing out of my now wet scrubs, I carried a large glass of water and my coffee cup to the master bedroom. I have a side table whose original purpose was to hold items like this. That is until Kyoko and Misha decided that this table was the perfect nap spot for them- they alternate. Kyoko was napping on the side table as I placed my coffee down the French styled cabriolet legged console behind it. Jeff brought his coffee in and had just sat down in the club chair to chat with me, when I picked up Kyoko (a very hefty hymalian girl who has the image of herself as a svelte and agile anorexic ballerina) So, as I picked her up she moved one way, while my hand, again lost it's grasp, she was thrown to the floor (smack down) with a WTF is wrong with U look on her face, which somehow closely mirrored Jeff's expression, as she slammed onto the ground, to be followed by my large-sized glass of water tumbling out of my other hand splashing over her, my comforter and my just put on scrubs with water just going absolutely everywhere in super slow motion.

Jeff said, I'll get the mop. You go change and stay away from water. Don't touch it, don't go near it, no water for you! Kyoko come with me...  Kyoko followed Jeff, turning around to give me a baleful look that said: Stay. Don't you follow me you crazy woman!

Once again changed, we went back into the master bedroom and over coffee (which I managed to not spill) we had a great conversation about our goals for 2012.

While Jeff was on the computer, I went into the den and listened to some great 1920's jazz while writing down what I want to accomplish next year- so far up to 5 pages.

                      Duke Ellington's "The Mooche" later hit the Big screen in Cotton Club.

It's now time for Sunday brunch. We're having leftover chicken pasta (wheat) with a tossed green salad. My new diet is doable, sticking to it, may be more difficult. Thank goodness Jeff was the head Dietary Cook (at a local hospital) for 20+ years- he's so creative with food. He'll whip me into shape... with that thought in mind, it's time to chow down.

            After lunch I plan to read A Foreign Affair and take a nap. I love Sundays!


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