Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday bliss

This morning's heavy wet mist has given way to patchy blue skies and sunshine with temps in the mid 50's. A steady afternoon breeze is rushing through the treetops, shrubbery and neighborhood foliage creating a side to side wave-like rolling effect.
We've already napped this afternoon. Jeff is sipping a cup of afternoon coffee while working on an art project.
I'm reading Bird Cloud, a memoir of place by Annie Proulx, a perfect read for this afternoon.

Today has been a day of what ordinarily seem minor, but what are HUGE accomplishments for me. I was able to (for the first time since surgery) step into the shower without assistance.
And, when reading in the master bedroom (with Kyoko next to me napping) I was able to bring my right knee completely up and bend it until I was ready to change positions. These are major. I have to be independently mobile before Jeff returns to work- which will be the week after next. This makes me feel more confident in my ability to be more independent.
This morning over coffee we watched Scandal on the DVR-- an intriguing new TV political series.

Now it's time for my afternoon snack... I'm thinking salsa and corn tortilla chips with iced Tiki punch...


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