Thursday, May 3, 2012

Finding my Thursday groove

I seem to be operating in super slo mo today-- I don't even think I have a reverse gear, and the rest of the gears are so very NOT fully operational this early in the AM and may not even kick in today. That's okay.
Late yesterday afternoon Jeff and I drove down to celebrate Amanda's 26th birthday with her in Copper. A lasagne dinner followed, with of course, a cappucino triple fudge birthday cake for dessert.

While there I tried out her treadmill. Again, my right leg loved it, the left, not feeling the love at all. In fact it was down right hostile, go figure. It seems to be about a week behind my left in healing and doing the same things, mobility-wise.
After Jeff returns to work (week after next) we'll be walking in the AM before he goes to work on MWF while on Tuesdays and Thursdays I am going to be working out (at my own speed) in Amanda's exercise room as part of my physical therapy. Physical therapy can be pricey, but knowing this, you can speak to your physical therapist and ask for an exercise regiman that you can do at home. They will give you drawings of exercises, with the number/reptition you need to do-- I have a stack on the tray, in our master bedroom, for quick reference.
Later today, and thank goodness it's later, I have an appointment with my dentist for a small filling and cleaning and that should bring me up to date and I can call my dental hygiene good and move on...
While at Amanda's Sam had left her this freakishly large egg he had found in the chicken coop, we posed it next to a regular sized chicken egg. Looks kinda like a Fred Flintstone sized egg, 

Speaking of eggs, I am in search of food-like substance and am in need breakfast...


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