Tuesday, December 27, 2011

blissful solitude

                                                                           upper backyard, 12-27-11

The late afternoon skies are hazy with pockets of clear sunshine casting long shadows. I've had the luxury of not having to be anywhere, not having to meet a deadline, not having to be with people, sheer unadulterated freedom to just be...
And what have I done with that time you ask? Well, I've been outdoors hanging with the outdoor gang.


                                                 Michel's mom Risotto

 Back indoors I watched Johnny Depp as "The Libertine" a spellbinding performance. I love English history; Cromwell, the restoration of Charles II, the plague, the great London fire... Johnny Depp's character is that of the celebated writer and bad boy John Willmont, second Earl of Rochester. He brings to life a decadent 17th century London. The photography is fabulous. Here are some scenes from this historical drama for you to scope out:

 Afterwards, I decided to catch up on reading and began where I left off with Chris Matthews' latest bestseller, Jack Kennedy, Elusive Hero.

The bright sunlight of a few moments ago is sinking beneath the horizon. The cool temps are dropping as well. It promises to feeze overnight. Jeff will be home in awhile. Our dinner menu du jour is homemade corn chowder served with warm dinner rolls. The house is cozy and warm. It's time to turn on lights and settle into evening mode with CNN... 


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