Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday Adventure & Other Imperfect Moments

It is a textbook Sunday morning; blue skies, sunshine, cool autumn temps with a slight breeze. Comcast arrived earlier this AM. While Jeff delt with Broadband being installed, I hunkered down in the master bedroom with a cup of coffee in hand and got caught up with Sunday Morning, Rizzolli & Isles and Covert Affairs on the DVR.

Afterwards, Jeff and I tooled over to Angels Market where I selected the dinner menu as I am the chef du jour. And picked up a few miscellaneous grocey items to carry us though mid-week.
Tonight's dinner menu is:  Sauteed lemon pepper chicken breasts seasoned with fresh thyme & tarragon and herbs du provence served up with some of my fav roasted root veggies; potatoes, brussel sprouts, baby carrots & red bell peppers. Desset: Banana cream pie.

Jeff is napping, his one day off a week goes by way too quickly. So, while he naps I have movie maker projects to create and post.Jounals to catch up on... guess I should get started.

                                                                                              Carolina in The Morning, Al Jolson



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