Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cheer

                                                                                Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, Tori Amos

Christmas... 2 days away and counting. I finished wrapping Zach's gifts this morning after Jeff left for work.
Chatted with Amanda who was up until midnight wrapping gifts, doing laundy and working out on the treadmill  thanks to an energy drink she had sipped at 4 o'clock in the afternoon and a Southern Comfort eggnog.
SO very Amanda!
Also chatted with Erin who told me their Christmas story from yesterday. She, Dave & Emma are getting over colds. Zach was released from ER with an inhaler for his asthma (he couldn't breathe when she took him in earlier in the week). Erin told the kids that they were all going to nap (herself included). They were lying down when Phoenix began to whimper. Emma came into the master bedroom to tell Ein that there was a deer lying down in their driveway. Erin looked out of the dining room windows that overlook the gravel driveway to see a LARGE buck lying down with an arrow between his shoulder blades. She called Animal Control to only receive the answering machine. She then called the sherriff. He responded that they had been following this buck and would be over. By the time he arrived the buck had stumbled to his feet and sauntered over to the next door neighbor's yard. He gave Erin a card with his name on should the buck return. Erin and the kids returned to lie down for their naps when Phoenix began to whimper again. Getting up, Erin looked out the dining room windows again to see the buck had returned and was lying back down in their driveway. She called the sherriff back who arrived a few minutes later with animal control, etcetera. All these agencies gathered round while the buck stood up and shot him... with a tranquilizer dart which caused the buck to dramitically fall in slow motion to the ground.  They then were able to pull the arrow out. It was only a superficial wound and did no harm to the buck, who later stood up, and wandered away to his family who had scattered after everyone had arrived on scene. Emma then whispered to Erin... that wasn't one of Santa's reindeers was it?

Amanda will be over in awhile to pick me up as she & Sam are hosting our annual family Menezes pre-Christmas eve celebration at their home this evening. Jeff will join us after he gets off work as well as Dave & Erin with Emma and Zach when Dave gets off work. 



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