Monday, December 26, 2011

Our fam's pre-Christmas Eve celebration

So yesterday, in-between holiday adventures, I attempted to blog. And for the first time ever... the blog refused, absolutely refused to cooperate.
I was telling of our pre-Christmas Eve celebration at Sam & Amanda's.
Sam cheffed up a fab fish chowder from fish he had caught in Pacific Cove while Amanda & I shopped at Save Mart where she lept like a gazelle through aisleway after aisleway with our mobility challanged cart.
Dave, Erin, Zach & Emma had arrived by the time we got back to the house as dusk began to fall. Inside was cheerfully festive as the Christmas tree lights were lit and a fire going in the pellet stove.
Aims zapped up a round of Southern Comfort eggnogs. While Sam continued working on his chowder we munched on shrimp and cheese platters along with crab stuffed mushrooms.
Dave ever on the look out for good recipes snapped the chowder recipe from the kitchen laptop with his Iphone. Always thinking.
Sam's chowder was to die for... I think it's one of the best chowders I've ever tasted... served up with French bread and crackers.

          After dinner Aims, Erin & Emma handed out Christmas gifts

After all the gifts had been opened dessert followed. Erin had made chocolate chip crossants paired with Pig Stai (my fav) port wine and hazelnut flavored coffee. A perfect pre-Christmas Eve celebration.

Kenny Loggins, Celebrate Me Home. 


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