Monday, December 26, 2011

the morning after Christmas

...and ALL is quiet thoughout the house. Jeff tooled downtown this morning returning with a box of donuts including my fav... which is a buttermilk donut-- that tastes and looks just like a portuguese filhous donut. Divine yummy goodness beyond words.
While I'm blogging, Jeff is in the living room multi-tasking; browsing through one of his Christmas books, while on his cell phone, catching up with his mom about holiday festivities.
Today promises to be a kick back day after... well, except for the part where I have to go in shopping for a new camera. Who breaks their camera on Christmas Day? That would be me, well, actually, it was Moose (who knocked it off of the top shelf of the baker's rack. A freak accident). Fortuneately, our holiday pics had already been taken.
WE enjoyed a very low key Christmas which was just right for us this year. We read, watched TV and had a delicious prime rib with roasted veggies; potatoes, carrots, parsnips & brussel sprouts. Dessert: warm mincemeat pie with whipped cream while watching When Harry Met Sally.
Which leads us slowly into our New Year's celebration which is also Jeff's birthday. Then a breather in-between holidays.

I've always liked my birthday because at the beginning of December as I have a whole season to look foward to... many days... not just one. Which I happen to think is pretty darn cool.
It's time to dash out into the world to search for a new camera... I am still recouping from my last shopping adventure with Amanda late Friday afternoon. Save Mart was packed to the rafters with holiday shoppers. Amanda, by luck of the draw, chose a cart that could neither roll nor be pushed. She was either running from behind to gain momentum or running past it to catch the front to pull it... all at breakneck speed as she loathes holiday shoppers and was in a hurry to get out of the market while I gamely gimped slowly behind- which took it's toll (but I don't have to be anywhere in particular and that is a blessing). Actually, the visual of Amanda tag-teaming the cart lingers and makes me laugh outloud as it was really funny to watch and even funnier in remembering.
Moving onward... I've dashed out and back and have my new camera in my hot little paws. It's just like my camera that broke except I can download/upload to youtube, facebook, etc. Pretty sweet...

                               James Garner, Polaroid 1-step, 1979 camera commecial.


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