Saturday, December 3, 2011

holiday merriment & other abbrieviated thoughts

                                                         The Most Wonderful Gift, Hallmark

Trading Christmas, Hallmark

Where to start blogging this holiday season? I am already behind speed. I think I am still hovering somewhere late in November, around Thanksgiving. I left off just as we went on our Thanksgiving holiday get-away weekend that was just everything we thought it would be and more. Anna Chan thoroughly enjoyed her doggy spa adventure with us. When we arrived at "the Cottage" waiting for Anna in the dining room was a plush puppy bed.  A few steps away, in the kitchen, Anna had puppy treats in a puppy bowl for her- she was a very pampered girl.  The owners are very pet oriented. I have tons of pics to share, but they will have to wait for my new lap top as my computer is just, well... done with me.  
WE had a very cozy albeit belated Thanksgiving at home. Amanda dropped Landie off. Then tooled off to work at the winery (still having pneumonia). Dave & Erin, Emma and Zach joined us for a lovely day. Jeff loves Thanksgiving, I think it's his fav holiday. So, he took over kitchen duties and turned out a fab luncheon. Dessert: pumpkin pie/whipped cream and Tiramisu cake. Landie left with Emma to bunk overnight at uncle Dave's and auntie Erin's house.
  Later in the evening Sammy dropped off fresh crab that he had caught while crabbing with his uncle. Does Thanksgiving get any better than this? I think not.
Jeff and I hunkered down in the living room (with a glass of wine) to watch the 2 above movies on Hallmark which made for just the most relaxing day, everything was casual, kicked back and absolutely wonderful.

Dido, Thank You. I've always loved this song and still crank it up.


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