Friday, November 11, 2011

Swinging the House

                                       I'm beginning to See The Light-- the Ink Spots w/ Ella Fitzgerald.

Jeff has left for work while I'm blogging, sipping French roasted coffee and swinging the house to the sounds of Jazz and Big Band. The indoor gang is happily spread out and napping.

After driving through a breathtakingly beautiful scenic commute from work I arrived home exhausted a far cry from my usual envigorated and elated self when facing a 3-day holiday weekend. What's up with that? Arriving home in the late afternoon it was all I could do to walk up the front pathway to the house, then feed the outdoor gang before collapsing. I guess it had been one of those burn out weeks that you don't realize your navigating through until after it's passed. Whatever it was, after a night of great sleep, I am back to my old self. Although, that might be due to the fact that I have today off then later getting together with my fav peeps; Dave, Erin, Emma, Zach, Landie, Aims and friends to celebrate Dave's birthday in Sonora.
The skies are overcast and gray with the forecast of afternoon rain showers. A cold breeze is picking up as well. Meanwhile, Dave and his posse are fishing at Melones.

Plus, we've changed our mini pre-Thanksgiving holiday get-away plans to include a stay at our fav cottage in Sutter Creek. Anna Chan will be coming along on our adventure and we're totally stoked.

It's going to be purely relaxtion. Jeff and I are both in need a vacation desperately and will be indulging ourselves. Jeff is bringing along his French easil and paints, along with a video cam and books. Bath salts are on my list for long hot baths in the lovely claw-foot bathtub.

And, Vanity Fair & The Paris Review magazines that I've neglected over the past few months, a good book to read at night, and my camera. We'll take Anna on walks (I'm bringing my crutch for that part of the plan (with the thought in mind that the next time we visit the cottage I won't need the crutch). Deep autumn in Sutter Creek is beyond beautiful and with my fav guy in tow,
it's going to be wonderful and just what we need to fortify ourselves with before heading into winter.  Sounds like a plan...


At November 11, 2011 at 12:00 PM , Anonymous jekitchell said...

As for my 2 cents: I can't wait to go!


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