Sunday, November 6, 2011

November rain

Jeff cheffed up a wonderful dinner last evening. He arrived home to a dark, overcast sky that promised rainfall. We caught up on the day's events while doing food prep and pre-setting the oven for baked potatoes. 
As Jeff sauteed the mushrooms with fresh garlic and scallions (my fav aroma) the skies opened and it began to rain. The rain fell in torrents running along the patio terrace border in rivulets while we chatted over wine and listened to the rainfall while he grilled steaks and I sat on the wooden kitchen stool. A lovely autumn evening.
We dined in the den which was wonderfully cozy. Over dinner we watched Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil~ one of our fav movies.
Dessert was coffee ice cream (1 small scoop for me) with strawberries.  So decadently delicious.
Later Jeff surfed the Net while I reread a few passages from an old Shirley MacLaine paperback, My Lucky Stars, a Hollywood Memoir. I focused in on a chapter about the Rat Pack (specifically Sinatra & Martin), the Mob and her long ago Vegas days. She had a major crush on Dean Martin~ who could blame her? I still think he is one of the most authenically cool men of that Hollywood star generation.

I woke at 7 this morning, then realized it was only 6 AM- I liked that part. Jeff was already up making coffee, the rain continues and we're going to hunker down in the den and catch up on reading today. A very lazy Sunday is planned.  Although, the time change will take me weeks to catch up on...


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