Saturday, November 12, 2011

life in a multi-generational house, 1990-2011

Day before Thanksgiving:
Pre-Thanksgiving preparations are underway in the kitchen. Uncle Art and aunt Jo are due to arrive in the afternoon. David (10), Tara (7) & Amanda (3) have finished breakfast and are in their bedrooms putting toys away and trying to create some sense of order from scattered debris that looks like some kind of unexplainable nuclear explosion, while I am baking quiches and pies (pumpkin and mince) in the oven. Dad will be over soon to greet Art & Jo when they arrive. Meanwhile, I am besieged everywhere by pots, pans and an overwhelming amount of dishes that have to be loaded into the dishwasher. Ella Fitzgerald plays softly on the living room CD player:

                                                            Cheek to Cheek-- Ella Fitzgerald.

FF to present:

Day After Dave's 31st birthday:
Pre-party preparations are underway in the kitchen. Erin is stirring Dave's homemade chili on the stovetop and heating cornbread in the microwave for our lunch, while we wait for Amanda & Landie (6) to arrive, along with longtime Copper childhood friends later in the afternoon. Dave and his posse are fishing at Melones. Emma (6 soon to be 7 in 2 days) is joining us in the dining room. Zach (3) is asleep in his bedroom which used to be Amanda's. Adele is softly playing on Dave & Erin's living room computer (connected to an online radio via their television):

                                                                Someone Like You-- Adelle.

I love that the house that Dave, Tara & Amanda grew up in continues to be part of our lives. I love how past moments reflect present moments... a ribbon of continuity.
                                       (then) Amanda, Uncle Art, Tara (holding Courtney), Dave, 11/1990.

                                               (now)  Zach, Emma, Landie holding Cricket, 11/2011.                       

                                                     (then)      Amanda, Art, Tara, 11/1990.

                                         (now)   Zach, Landie, Cricket & Emma, 11/2011.

                                                  (then)      Dave, Amanda, Art & Tara, 11/1990.

  (now)   Amanda talking to Erin, 11/2011--  in the same space as (above photo) where she was sitting all those 
             many years ago with uncle art and her sister Tara.

                                                        (then)   Tara holding Chelsea, 11/1990.

                                        (now) Zach watching Phoenix & Cricket, 11/2011.
                                                    (then)        Amanda & Tara, 11/1990.

                                                (now)        Zach, Landie & Emma, 11/2011

                                                        (then)       Amanda, 11/1990

                                                  (now)           Amanda, 11/2011

                                          (then)           Dave, 11/1990

                                           (now)         Dave, 11/2011.

(now) Dave preparing Carnitas, Amanda preparing "Stiff Upper Lips" cookie dessert, 11/2011.

                           (then) Art & Dad absolutely stuffed after their 2nd Thanksgiving helpings, 11/2011. 

                                  20+ years of family history in the same house continues...


At November 13, 2011 at 6:01 AM , Anonymous jekitchell said...

Wow. That is cool. I love the continuity of family- the most important thing in the world. Good post.


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