Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saturday AND all of it's possibilities

                                          Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting, Elton John.

Sat' noun 1. Saturday- the seventh day of the week;observed as Sabbath by Jews and some Christians.
Weekday- any day except Sunday (and sometimes except Saturday).
Weekend- a time period usually extending from Friday night through Sunday; more loosely defined as any period of successive days including one and only one Sunday.
Old English translation of latin: Satumi dies- day of Saturn (not so popular in these times; although, centuries ago, it was to the Romans. In ancient Roman religion and myth Saturn was a major god presiding over agriculture and the harvest time. His reign was depicted as a Golden Age of abundance and peace by many Roman authors. In medieval times he was known as the Roman god of agriculture, justice and strength.  He held a sickle in his left hand and a bundle of wheat in his right. 

We've defined the word Saturday; but the interesting thing to me is, what is the visual of Saturday? Certainly not the above image. We all know what it means, but what it means and what it represents to each of us is illusive and ever changing to all of us. It isn't like say, refrigerator. We all get that. We visualise a tall cold storage unit that is filled with food and beverages, pretty standard. But, weekend... now that can be sleeping in, getting up early to jog, working, running errands, grocery shopping, chauffering kids to sports games; there are a thousand and one visual connotations that we adapt to fit our individual needs for that one word.  And each one is different. Isn't it fascinating that ONE word can have so myriad and varied meanings? And, yet it is a day that we  all long for at some point during the average work week. I still think that Saturday these many centuries later continues to represent abundance (of free time) and peace (that comes with creating our own weekend agendas), some things don't change... and I like that.
So, what's in your Saturday? I'm across the board with goals that mostly pertain to home. One that I've put off for ages is cleaning out my clothes closets. Today is the day to sort and get rid of old clothing that is taking up too much space. I'll donate these items to the Hospice thrift shop on Monday as I drive through Angels.
I have laundry already underway.  There are kitchen and bathroom floors that need to be cleaned, not fun, but eventually, rewarding.
Perhaps, another blog. Surf facebook.
Reading is on tap for later.
I have 2 scrapbook projects I want to begin on. A 1920something journal of Gram's that I want to bring up to speed. An album of letters from aunt Bette that date from the 1970's through 1984. This dovetails into other projects. Jeff and I are (yet again) reorganzing the living room. We'll be bringing out the fainting couch from the writing room and other scattered furnishings. I want to set up a family section that will be available for Hali, Emma, Zach & Landie that they can touch and read and get a feel of their family origins when they are bunking over. Get to know those who've gone before them. It'll be a fun, eclectic corner to hunker down in.
Today there are movies to watch, music to listen to and DVR recordings to get caught up on.
A very full day awaits with SO many possibilties to chose from. Whatever you do, enjoy your day!


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Wow, excellent entry. Good read


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